Jamal Afari

    Character » Jamal Afari appears in 8 issues.

    Jamal Afari is a vampire hunter, who is also a vampire himself. He is one of the hunters that trained Blade.

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    Jamal Afari was a vampire hunter in his youth, facing many enemies. Dracula was the most prominent of them. He quit at some point and started a career as a jazz horn player. He was good at his job but also acquired a drug habbit. A drug overdose had him hospitalized for a while. On a cold December night Afari was discharged from the hospital. He was attacked by a number of vampires who wanted to take advantage of this vampire hunter's weakened state. He received unexpected help from Eric Brooks (Blade), a nine-year-old orphan. 

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Teaching Blade

    Afari decided to turn a new leaf and started to teach the underage vampire hunter the secret of the trade. They moved together to Lady Vanity's brothel in London. Life lessons Eric learned there vampire hunting techniques, observation skills and looting the wealth of killed or escaped vampires. Afari was the closest thing to a father Blade ever had. But this period ended with a blunder by the student. Blade killed a man suffering from porphyria, thinking he was a vampire. The Scotland Yard was looking for the killer. Afari helped his student escape by sailing to the United States. Blade ewould end up alone in New York City. 


    A few years later Blade had to return to London, alerted by Lady Vanity that his mentor had gone missing. They both thought Afari had started using drugs again. They were wrong. Dracula had tracked down his old enemy and vampirized him. The aging vampire hunter was now a vampire himself. Blade tracked down Afari and the old man advised him to get away from him. Blade would not listen and Afari's blood lust got uncontrollable. Blade eventually killed Afari in self-defense. 


    Afari would later be resurrected by Dracula who needed his knowledge of vampiric lore. Unwittingly Afari and Blade helped Dracula resurrect all the vampires who ever died. Afari was last seen reconciling with Blade and contemplating the unintended consequences of the spell.


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