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Jake Long is an average teenage boy with the exception of being a dragon. He is in the process of training to be the new American Dragon under the guidance of his Grandpa. He is lazy and immature like most teens. His role is to protect magical creatures and guide them.

Jake does show a love interest in Rose. Throughout the series they're close friends and eventually pursue each other romantically, but Rose disappears from his life abruptly. Jake then finds out that Rose is a mystical creature hunter, and they encounter and face each other but she spares him. Rose eventually leaves Jakes life forever and they never see each other again.


  • Height- 5'4" (At least 6' when transformed)
  • Hair- Black and Green (Same color when transformed)
  • Red skin when in dragon form.

Jake's Powers and Abilities

  • Fire Breathing
  • Super Strength
  • Durability
  • Flying
  • Super senses
  • Magic

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