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 Jakarra knew wouldn't be-able to become the Black Panther because of his size & so he joined the Wakanda military wear he earned the rank of General.
Jakarra   Jakarra hated T'Challa because he succeed where  Jakarra in becoming the Black Panther & being judge worthy by the Bast. Once while T'Challa was way, Jakarra & his soldiers staged a coup in Wakanda because 
Jakarra felt he should rule instead of T'Challa. 
Jakarra told N'Gassi (who T'Challa put in charge at the time while he was way) that he was now the new ruler of Wakanda and that he exposed himself to raw Vibranium to make up for him lack of size & physical power. Then Jakarra's body began transform to a monstrous from by his hair falling out & his skin turning pink. He became monster made from raw Vibranium which frighten his soldiers and then turned against him.

 Jakarra then ran from N'Gassi office to the jungle of Wakanda. N'Gassi assemble the members of the Royal Family who were in Wakanda at the time to battle there cousin.The Royals (Joshua Itobo, Khanata, Zuni & Ishanta)  were able to temporally defeat there monstrous cousin & took him to a holding chamber. While The Royals, N'Gassi  & Jiru (N'Gassi's assistant) were debating on what should be done with Jakarra he awoke and escaped.

Jakarra releasing his dream  or being the ruler of Wakanda were shatter decided to make his way to the Vibranium mound in a temp to destroy Wakanda  and the rest of the world. However T'Challa arrive in just nick-of-time & save Wakanda, but he had destroy the monster his brother had become in the progress.




Before his transformation Jakarra was a very skilled military strategist and 
Wakandan general.  

 After his transformation Jakarra possesses a limited level of  superhuman strength, stamina and invulnerability. Also he could generate waves of vibrational force and  bursts of flame.

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