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    Character » Jaine Cutter appears in 28 issues.

    Consort to Hellstorm, Jaine sold the souls of seven policemen to Zahgurim for her armor forged of iron from the River Styx. Jaine fights to prevent Heaven or Hell from gaining dominion over Earth.

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    Jaine has a shady past. When 16 she posed for a trashy "fashion magazine". When 18, she recorded two albums for a minor studio and sold over 100 copies of each.

    Eventually she got involved in the mystic arts and sold the souls of seven policemen to Zahgurim, Hell's blacksmith, in return of two living guns and a mystic suit of armor. However both items would only work if she didn't use them to shift the balance between Heaven or Hell.

    Jaine met Daimon Hellstrom while they were both fighting the Armorer, a mystical serial killer. They celebrated their victory by having sex. Hellcat, Daimon's wife, committed suicide at approximately the time of their first encounter. Daimon proceeded to invite Jaine to his realm of Hell and she was soon established as his consort.


    Jaine Cutter was created by Warren Ellis and Leonardo Manco in 1994 and first appeared in cameo in Hellstorm: Prince of Lies # 12. Her first full appearance was in Hellstorm: Prince of Lies # 13.

    Story Arcs

    Heaven's on Fire

    Jane has recently resurfaced trying to save the Anti-Christ child Anton Satan from from the fallen angel Zadkiel's henchmen as Anton's office on Wall Street. They nearly escape until Zadkiel stops her in her place. She then encounters her old flame Hellstorm and while fighting Zadkiel's soldiers, argue about the fate of Anton. The fight later gets her into the presence of Ghost Rider and Sara. She tries to shoot Sara with her breathing gun but can't because Sara is a nun. She and Hellstorm later unite with both Ghost Riders Blaze and Ketch, and Sara in a plan to storm Heaven and stop Zadkiel.

    Powers & Abilities

    She is able to raise a second skin which makes her invulnerable to most forms of attack. High-level magic attacks may still wound her, meaning her opponent is required to be a skilled magic user to defeat her. In her transformed state her nails turn to talons that can cut through virtually any substance. She has even cut through the bones of angels, supposed to be very durable. She is a skilled and savage warrior. Her strength may be enhanced human to accommodate for some of her feats in battle.

    Without her armor raised, Jaine is no more durable than an average human to attacks. She has some magical powers, notably Sciomancy (the ability to summon and communicate with ghosts and spirits). She can recognize the scent of both angels and demons. Which is useful considering she fights to prevent the forces of either Heaven or Hell to successfully control Earth. She reportedly "smokes like a chimney and drinks life a fish" with no apparent results to her health. Uncertain if she has a healing factor.


    She also uses two Breathing Guns, enchanted firearms that are capable of killing demons. The weapons hiss and alert her when occult forces or danger in general is in close proximity. The bullets are supposedly sentient.


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