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    Iris West's fraternal twin brother and (the Flash) and Linda West's son. He aged rapidly due to his connection to the speed force to the point where he is roughly 8 years old physically. He could "temporarily superaccelerate the myofibrillar hypertrophism in his muscular tissue" and has superspeed. He was recently given the code name Surge.

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    Originally stillborn due to Zoom attacking his mother, Linda Park-West, Wally West travelled back in time while fighting Zoom and pushed him into his own blast, causing what the doctor's called "Spontaneous pregnancy" in the current timeline and reviving Jai and his sister Iris, being born happy and healthy. Jai is named after the original Flash, Jay Garrick.

    Shortly after, during the Infinite Crisis, Wally West was sucked into the speed force while fighting Superboy-Prime. Returning home to say goodbye to Linda, she grabbed hold of him while holding Iris and Jai and all four West's were sucked into the speed force. However, thanks to a key Linda was holding from the planet Savoth, the four of them actually ended up traveling to the planet Savoth, where the family was able to stay. The speed force had altered the children's genetic make-up though, and shortly after arriving on Savoth they began to age rapidly, eventually stabilizing when Jai was roughly 8 physically and Iris was 10 physically. The kids also developed powers, with Iris having the ability to vibrate her molecules through solid objects and Jai having the ability to accelerate the growth of his muscle tissue.


    Jai West and his sister were created by Geoff Johns during his run on The Flash, specifically issue #225.

    Major Story Arcs

    Back to Earth

    During the events of the Lightning Saga, the Legion of Super-Heroes used their lightning rods to bring back the essence of Lightning Lad, however as a side effect of their actions, Wally, Linda, Iris and Jai were pulled back to Earth. Around this time, the kids developed powers, with Jai having the ability to accelerate the growth of his muscle tissue and Iris having the ability

    Jai in his Super Suit
    Jai in his Super Suit

    to vibrate her molecules through solid objects. He and Iris then started working with their dad to be super-heroes, and following a Ferry Rescue caught the attention of the media.

    Flash: Rebirth

    During this arc, Barry Allen returns and Jai ultimately loses his connection to the Speed Force. Because of Jai and his sister, Iris's, relationship only one of them can have a connection to the Speed Force or they both suffer considerable amounts of pain. In a desperate attempt to save her brother from the pain, Iris takes the full blunt of the Speed Force herself. This causes Jai to lose all of his powers, while Iris gains complete control, becoming the next speedster generation. Following this, Jai has lost his connection to the speed force and has begun a quest to conquer every video game he can get his hands on.

    Road to Flashpoint

    Jai along with the rest of the Flash Family were at a family picnic, but Barry never showed up.

    Powers & Abilities

    Jai has a few super powers.

    Super Speed: Currently, this speed only manifests itself as the ability to temporarily acclelerate the growth of his muscles, allowing him also super strength.

    Once, while emotionally distressed, dormant DNA in Jai's cells vibrated, causing strange transformations.

    Mind-Link: Jai can also sync his Speed Force aura with his father's, causing him to fly behind Wally when Wally thinks of him. This power works in reverse, allowing Jai to summon Wally.


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