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During the battle of Coruscant, Jahan's whole family died. He had spent hours walking through a tunnel to find his sister, killing everyone who stood in his way, only to find her dead by a few hours. Realizing that without the Republic, this chaos would continue, Jahan devoted himself to the Republic and later the Empire.


Jahan was created by John Ostrander for the Agent of the Empire comics. He was intended to be an equivalent to James Bond in the Star Wars universe and was heavily influenced by the character. Ostrander was also influenced by other fictional spies such as Jason Bourne.

Major Story Arcs

Iron Eclipse

After killing the corrupt Colonel Milosh Muhrlein in the Mid Rim, Cross found evidence in Colonel Milosh's data files which could possibly incriminate the Stark family with something to do with Iron Eclipse, a highly secret project. Iaco Stark, though at this point deceased, had been responsible for the Stark Hyperspace War in which a virus was unleashed on Republic navicomputers causing them to malfunction and drop ships out of hyperspace in deadly situations including the middle of stars. Wanting to follow up the leads, Cross decided to travel to the Corporate Sector and investigate the remainder of the family. After collecting his droid companion IN-GA 44 and acquiring a new gadget in the form of "parawings".

Acting as an Imperial diplomat, Cross arrived the Corporate Sector in time to attend a party thrown by the Imperial Ambassador Vorlin. After a brief exchange with Vorlin, Cross spoke to Elli Stark - daughter of Iaco Stark - rescuing her from an attempted suitor. Following the end of that conversation, he moved on to Dah'lis Stark - the second wife of Iaco and a Nautolan. They proceeded to Dah'lis' rooms in the Stark compound where they had sex as Cross quizzed Dah'lis on information regarding Iron Eclipse.


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