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    Maria Guzman, a brazilian immigrant, is the last in line, who has received the power of Jaguar.

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    Maria de Guzman is a reworked version of the Archie character The Jaguar (Ralph Hardy). This version of the character was created for the Impact Comics line by William Messner-Loebs.

    This version of the character would serve as inspiration for Ivette Velez.


    In Maria's family in every generation, one woman receives the power of the Jaguar. Before Maria, her aunt, Luiza Timmerman was the Jaguar. The Jaguar is a protector of innocence and natural ways.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Jaguar

    As a Crusader
    As a Crusader

    Maria came to America to study. One day she discovered that she could turn a bit feline. While being in U.S. she received word that her aunt is dead, her aunt was the last bearer of Jaguar powers, at the same time she got a package. It was her aunt's Jaguar outfit. Now when she turned to Jaguar she somehow was wearing this Jaguar outfit. She hasn't found an explanation of how is it possible yet. She fought Maxx-13, Void and Winter Doom. During that time she formed a partner-relationship with one of her teachers, who worked for the WEB. Her roommate found out that she is secretly the Jaguar, and they have grown closer since. She briefly was hunted by WEB and met Invisible Terror, a bounty hunter. He was however no match for Jaguar powers.

    She saved the American president from a villain named Indigo, along with other heroes like Black Hood, Fly, Shield and Comet. After hearing Jaguar sightings in America, thinking that it's Maria's aunt back from the grave to harm her, he was worried about her and sent a bodyguard to look after her at all times. Soon Maria's father was killed for nosing around in governments business. Jaguar's next big adventure was against an old super-villain named Kalathar, she again teamed up with other heroes and one new one, Fireball, they were able to defeat him by sending him back to his own planet.

    The Crusaders

    Then game a call for her to join a super hero team named The Crusaders. She was happy to join them, their first mission was to old soviet territory to stop rogue soldiers to obtaining a nuclear missiles and also battle unofficial American troops called Cyberpunks. but the mission turned bad, when the plane was shot down. When she was too big to climb out from the rubble, she reverted herself back to Maria, and the Fly saw her, she was quite alright with it though. Being shot down and Fireball getting shot demoralized the team and it fell apart. They failed their mission to stop the missile, but fortunately it was defective and exploded. They were extracted from the war zone by WEB. After being attacked by her own bodyguard and not knowing what happened to her father she decided to fly back to Brazil, her roommate joins her on this trip.


    Her trip was cut short by Crusader mission, they are asked to subdue Comet with extreme prejudice, Jaguar refuses to do that. She walks out of the room, Fly follows her and after he reveals his identity to her, they share an intimate moment. Soon a message comes that Comet is dead and they can return to home. All the team members step through the teleport device, just as it's manipulated and they end up in another dimension.

    Eight years later they find a mysterious portal and are brought to the Crucible. They are lied that current Black Hood and Shield are the bad guys. The truth is finally revealed and the villains defeated, heroes used the portal to get back to earth. It was their final adventure, and after that Jaguar and Fly married and had some kids.

    Powers And Abilities

    Her strength and speed are superhuman, she can jump quarter of a mile with one jump and she can jump 3 stories up with one jump. Her senses are heightened like that of an animal. while in Jaguar form, her eyes are of a cat and she can see heat . She can withstand getting hit by a car or getting shot. She heals faster than normal human, with half an hour her cuts and bruises have healed. She also has studied Capoeira.

    Her costume appears magically when she concentrates on it. Her body also changes to adulthood, when wearing the costume.


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