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Jago is a Tibetan monk sent by the Great Tiger Spirit to the Killer Instinct tournament to combat a great evil. He destroys the robot Fulgore in the tournament. He joins forces with the undercover Orchid to discover the release of Eyedol - his master's enemy from Limbo. When Eyedol is destroyed by Black Orchid, the Tiger Spirit leaves him, his task complete. The death of Eyedole creates a time warp and sends Ultratech, the host megacorporation of the Killer Instinct Tournament, back in time.

When the Ultratech building is sent back in time, Jago destroys another upgraded version of Fulgore that was created to destroy him. The Tiger Spirit reveals itself as the Demon Lord Gargos. Jago would eventually slay it and discover that Black Orchid is his sister.

Powers and Abilities

Martial Artist

Jago is a master in Tibetan martial arts. He is also very skilled with a sword.

Tiger Spirit

Jago is possessed by the Tiger Spirit that the Tibetan Monks worship. The Tiger Spirit grants him physical prowess beyond what a typicla human could achieve. It also grants him the Endokuken ability. This allows him to fire a ball of energy from his hand. This energy is called Endokuken. Jago tends to cry out its name before using it.


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