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    Jaffa were loyal servants of their gods Goa'uld. They eventually won their freedom and became a nation on its own.

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    The Jaffa are slaves to powerful aliens called The Goa'uld. When they come of age they are implanted with a young Goa'uld symbiote. Because of this they are given a much longer life and much physical abilities. It is also capable of healing at an accelerated rate. After thousands of years under the oppression from the Goa'uld a group of Jaffa called the Sodan and went into hiding. Unlike most Jaffa the Sodan do not carry any Goa'uld markings. As the Jaffa resistance grew stronger more and more of the Jaffa renounced the Goa'uld as their god and fought for freedom.


     The Jaffa are and always will be a warrior race. They (formally) wore black markings to signify which "god" they worshiped They are known through many worlds for their strength and courage and their formidable fighting skills.


     The Jaffa are early humans from earth. They are altered genetically to hold an immature Goa'uld symbiote. When a Jaffa is implanted with a Goa'uld symboite a large X is cut into their stomach and a pouch is created. They symbiote replaces the Jaffa immune system and grants them enhanced strength, health and longevity. It is common for them to live well over 100 years. They do not need sleep instead they go into a trance to remain in harmony with the symbiote and to keep the bond strong it is called the Kelno'reem. 


     Like most technology in the Stargate universe Jaffa technology requires Naquahdah in their blood to operate their weapons which range in strength.
    Staff Weapons- These weapons are easily able to kill most beings with one shot. Able to break steel and burn right through flesh they are the first weapons of choice
     Zat'nik'tel-This weapon is mostly used for stunning but with 2 shots can kill most beings and a 3rd vaporizes the victims body.

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