Jae Akura

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    Jae “Storm” Akura is a human male starfighter pilot in Skull Squadron that fought during the Sith-Imperial War

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    Jae “Storm” Akura is a human male starfighter pilot in Skull Squadron. He flew during the Second Imperial War serving the Sith Empire.



    When Cade Skywalker tries to infiltrate the Sith Temple on Coruscant, Jae flies with the rest of Skull Squadron to try to apprehend him alive. Cade is able to evade them and they return to base. In the hanger Jae watches as Moff Rulf Yage yells at his daughter, Skull Capitan Gunn Yage. After the Moff leaves Jae asks how she survived her childhood with such a strict father but she dismisses him, defending her father and they all go to a cantina for drinks. About a week later Jae and Skull Squadron try to capture the Mynock again, this time it is captained by Chak, but they are ordered to stand down before they can capture the ship. Jae is mad about this but follows orders anyways and flies off.

    Later Missions

    Jae is part of Operation: Thunderstroke along with the rest of Skull Squadron and voices his anger about the fleet now being composed mostly of Sith and how he does not trust them. He participates in the battle against Fel’s fighters but the operation is ultimately a failure because Fel escapes.

    Jae is also with the squad during the bombardment of Napdu. During the battle Darth Rauder orders the squad to attack what appeared to be civilian ships and Jae confirms that they have no weapons; given no choice from Rauder, they attack the ships.


    During the Battle of the Hidden Temple, Jae and Skull Squadron are ordered to attack a ship full of Jedi younglings by Rauder. Captain Yage instead shoots down Rauder and announces her defection from the Sith Empire and Jae follows her and they join the Fel Empire. Later, Jae also participates in the Battle of Coruscant, the final battle of the Second Imperial War.


    Jae Akura was a friendly and loyal member of Skull Squadron. He usually made comments about the other members while they flew but it was all in good fun. He was loyal to Captain Gunn Yage to the point that he followed her into defecting from the Sith Empire to the Fel Empire. He had little love for the Sith and did not trust them at all. He was called a ladies man by his fellow squadmates and changed girlfriends often.


    Jae is a non-Force sensitive human. He is an accomplished fighter pilot, serving in Skull Squadron, an elite unit.


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