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    Jacqui Briggs is the daughter of Jax Briggs. She wields electronic gauntlets that fire various weapons and enhances her physical strength, in honor to her father. She is now part of Johnny Cage's Special Forces team, much to her father's concern.

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    Blood Ties comic

    She first appears in the comic, hanging out with her best friend Cassie Cage at her father's house. After some shenanigans - that broke Johnny Cage's Worst Actor Award - the duo hits the night, and stops at a night club, which turns out to be a spot for cagefights. While Cassie goes to sign her up for the next match, Jacqui notices that in this spot, people fight to the death. She runs to stop Cassie for signing up, but she's too late. She then sees Cassie fighting against Frost, while being held hostage by the securities. When Cassie barely manages to defeat Frost, and refuses to finish her, she is pressured to do so, with her's and Jacqui's life at stake. However, at that moment, Jarek and Tasia, from the Black Dragon, break in to kidnap the girls. They do try to escape the Black Dragon grunts - who are accompanied by Kotal Kahn's bodyguard, the gunslinger Erron Black - but they're unsuccessful, and are teleported to Outworld.

    Jacqui and Cassie are being transported by the Black Dragon through the Kuatan Jungle, and actually do try to escape - an act that was foiled by Kano. The Black Dragon party, however, is ambushed by their rivals, the Red Dragon leaded by Mavado. In the heat of the battle between the rival factions, Jacqui and Cassie try to escape. Eventually, Erron Black go to their rescue, but the girls misunderstand his attempt and team up on the gunslinger. After Kano escapes, and leaves Erron and the girls at their luck, Mavado handles Erron Black easily and turns his attention to the girls. They do however show themselves to be rather capable opponents to him, even managing to cut his chest open with his own swords. Such efforts are futile and they are subdued by the remaining Red Dragons, who then transport the duo to the Shang Tsung's fortress, where they meet Reiko, and the Cleric of Chaos Havik. She is then put under torture facing Skarlet, so that the power within Cassie could manifest, but that doesn't work.

    Later, when Reiko and his faction notice that Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, along with Kotal Kahn and his guard, are going to retaliate, Jacqui is stabbed by a Kamidogu dagger and is put into mind control along with Cassie. When Johnny and Sonya arrive to Shang Tsung's palace, they are shocked to see Cassie and Jacqui fighting for Reiko. Because of that, they have a hard time fighting against Reiko's forces. After the battle was abruptly ended by a mind-controlled Raiden, both Jacqui and Cassie overview while Reiko transforms into a Blood God, and his subsequent downfall as a mere vessel. They then aid Havik in stabbing their prisioners with the daggers so they could be under Havik's control as well, and shortly after that, fight against a Jinsei-powered Takeda Takahashi, only to fail.


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