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    Known for coloring the Mic Mac Adam, Tom Applepie, Sam and Tibond series and albums, including those of Benn, Maurice Tillieux, Guy Bara and Gordon Bess.

    Born on March 5, 1949, Jacqueline Coumont married André Benn on August 5, 1970, took the name of Jacqueline Benn and began a career as a colorist for 15 years until 1985. She began in the profession without academic training on the work of her husband in the Junior newspaper with the Sam and Tibond series. 1972, birth of their only daughter Nathalie. Then, she will work for the newspaper Journal Tintin too, for which she does a lot of work. In 1976, on her husband Tom Applepie's new series, The Terrible Tribe by Gordon Bess. She also works for the greatest authors of the journal William Vance, Tibet, Rosinski and more occasionally for Azara, Milton Caniff, Godard, Greg, Pleyers. She continues to collaborate with the various publications of the Lombard editions and also for her advertising agency Publiart for which she carries out a large number of works, the most substantial of which will be the Bip series by Albert Weinberg. In 1974, for Pif Gadget, Rahan by André Chéret. At the same time, for Michel Deligne editions, she will work for American and Spanish authors, the Félix series by Maurice Tillieux. With the departure of André Benn from the Journal Tintin, this collaboration will end by making a collateral victim of the Duel Tintin-Spirou. Then, she will naturally work for Spirou's newspaper from 1978 on the Mic Mac Adam series until 19859. She works in gouache on blueprints. Then, she will devote herself to painting, experimenting with new techniques that she will mix according to her desires. From 2007 to 2008, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Josse. From 1992 to 2000, she followed a continuing education in kinesiology. His favorite subjects and themes are the present state and the plant world. She will participate in several exhibitions of her works. She lives in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode where she has her studio. Jacqueline Coumont is not only a loving wife, mother of a daughter and grandmother of two adorable grandchildren, she is also a versatile and talented woman who easily stands up to her – mostly male – colleagues in the artistic world.

    An activist pioneer

    1982, Jacqueline Benn is credited, for the very first time at the release of the first volume of the Mic Mac Adam series by Dupuis, with the coloring of the album: Le Tyran de Midnight Cross. The mere fact that his artist's name is simply not a first name but a first name followed by a pseudonym inspires recognition of the person and his contribution to the creation of a graphic work. To understand the revolution it was in the publishing house, 10 albums out of the 51 published in 1982 are credited with the first names of colorists working at Studio Léonardo, which thus exercised a kind of monopoly. The Lombard editions do no better, except Dargaud makes a few mentions of colourists. Of course, the name of the colorist will only be mentioned on the title page. It will be necessary to wait another 14 years before Delcourt editions credit the colorists on the cover. She therefore became a pioneer and thus paved the way for recognition of the status of author for comic book colorists. In the landerneau of the Brussels comic strip, this was well noticed, the album will also receive the Spatial Fantastique Prize in 1982 and awarded to André Benn. More than any other Belgian comic book colorist, Jacqueline Benn contributes to socially constructing the role of colorist. Reading the study by lecturer in contemporary history Sylvain Lesage is enlightening, as well as that of Philippe Capart, carried out on this era of comics.


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