Jacob Feinman

    Character » Jacob Feinman appears in 27 issues.

    Originally the assistant to Dr. Kurinji, Jacob Feinman was horribly scarred in the accident that turned Dr. Kurinji into Zero/One. After becoming Zero/One, Dr. Kurinji made Jacob into her assistant once again.

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    Before the accident
    Before the accident

    Jacob Feinman was formerly a scientist at Omnisapient Systems, and was an assistant to Dr. Parul Kirinji. Due to the Intelligencia's "Scorched Earth" protocols, there was an accident at the facility that resulted in Feinman being horribly scarred. Hospitalized, he was later found by Dr. Kirinji, having now become the cybernetic entity known as Zero/One. Due to Feinman's previous loyalty to her, Zero/One decided to make him her assistant once again, and promised to heal his scars if he agreed.

    Feinman reluctantly accepted Zero/One's proposal, and began assisting her in her plans, while also secretly attempting to prevent or sabotage some of her more devastating ones.


    Jacob Feinman was created by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman in 2011 and first made a minor appearance in Hulk #25. His character was later elaborated on in Hulk #31.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Rising Fog

    Feinman accompanied Zero/One to Hyderabad, India where they tracked down the former serial killer known as the Black Fog, whom Zero/One sought to use as a way to kill the Red Hulk.

    Red Sky at Morning

    In their last meeting Jacob gave Red Hulk his paper journal about what Zero/One had been planning. With this information, Red Hulk was able to track Zero/One to the Pacific Ocean where she built a floating island out of captured ships and uses their crew has mindless zombies to continue her research. Red Hulk brought with him Machine Man, and when Zero/One was distracted Jacob was able to Machine Man a disc that contained information to stopping Zero/One. Defeated Zero/One made a retreat and took Jacob with her, not knowing he was sabotaging her plans, for world domination all along.


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