Jacob Conover

    Character » Jacob Conover appears in 57 issues.

    Jacob Conover was once a Daily Bugle employee and later headed his own criminal empire when he became the third criminal known as the Rose.

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    Jacob Conover saved the life of crime lord, Don Fortunato from a hit put out on his life by Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. Don Fortunato promised Conover he'd return the favor if he ever needed it and fled for his life. This caused Conover to stay away from crime articles for the Daily Bugle. Among his most famous journalistic work is "The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man".

    Major Story Arcs

    Rose III

    Upon hitting financial troubles, Conover decided to collect his favor from Don Fortunato, who in turn set him up as the the third criminal to call himself the Rose. Don gave him the mask of the Rose and he became part of the Fortunato family. Conover hired Delilah as his muscle. Scriers became curious about the Rose's resurfacing, believing him to actually be Richard Fisk. Scriers offered an alliance with the Rose, but was rejected. When Black Tarantula attempted to do business on American soil, Rose opposed him. He sent Black Tarantula a message with El Uno's head. The Rose re-powered Electro to be his henchman against Black Tarantula, but Electro was too unstable for anyone to handle. After a few run-ins with Spider-Man, Electro disappeared. The Rose then made arrangements to resurrect Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man tried to stop this, but was captured and made into a sacrifice for Otto's resurrection. Despite this, Spider-Man escapes leaving Stunner to take his place as the Rose's sacrifice. But before the sacrifice could take place, Carolyn Trainer ordered Stunner to return to her real body. Just as the energy transfer took place, True Believer ninjas were positioned to die instead of her. After his resurrection, Doctor Octopus escapes the Rose. Black Tarantula arrives once again in New York. He warns the Rose of his power, making it clear that he is not one to be messed with. In response to this, The Rose visited upon Don Fortunato to ask for his help to defeat Black Tarantula. However at the meeting, Black Tarantula appeared and made a deal with Don Fortunato. Don offered Tarantula a piece of Rose's operation, Rose in a very bitter and emasculated state. He confronts the Don about this, but in retaliation Fortunato unmasked the Rose revealing him to be Jacob Conover. Spider-Man then arrives, engaging in a battle with Black Tarantula. Conover loses his temper and tries to kill Black Tarantula, but Spider-Man webbs him up, leaving him for the police. Conover is arrested and sent to prison.


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