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Born in Glasgow, Jackson became a lieutenant in the secondment Special Boat Service, M-Squadron. In 1982, he fought in the Falkland War, where he met an enigmatic woman named Magda. He met her again in 1985, when he was a member of the Black Ops. In 1990, he was back to the Marines and het met Magda for the third time, escorting her for some time and developing a short romance.

When the Iron Curtain came down in 1992, he went back to the Special Boat Service. Taking an order to kill some special-ops defectors, Jackson went to Iceland, where the defectors were holed up. When he confronted their ringleader, it turned out to be Magda with his two sons, he didn't know he had. She sprayed him with a gas which gave him hallucinations. He shot several of his own men, before they aborted the mission. Magda escaped unseen. Scientists found no trace of the gas in Jackson, after which Jackson was discharged dishonourable. At that time, he became mentally unstable.

Jackson got a job working for the former captain Rabbie Harcus, mostly whisky-running. On such a run, he met the Crossed for the first time. He declined however to be part of Rabbie's team of survivors on the Orkney Islands, preferring to work alone and tie up loose strings. He went back to Iceland to the same place as where he fought the defectors. The place still had scientists working there. Jackson took some prisoners and told them his life story. In return, one of the scientists told him Magda had died at the hands of her twins, who had become infected with the Crossed virus. Jackson also learned that the gas with which Magda had sprayed him, was nothing more than steam. He realized then that he had always been mental.


Jackson was created by writer Simon Spurrier and artist Javier Barreno.

Major Story Arcs

Crossed: Wish You Were Here

Returning to the Orkney Islands, Jackson met the survivors of the Crossed epidemic, led by Rabbie and Don. When a team was gathered to get supplies from the mainland, Jackson volunteered to assist them. Halfway through their mission, he disappeared suddenly. When he turned up again, he seemed to have met captain Dora Natori and her fleet of ships. And he had rescued Seline from the clutches of the Crossed.

Jackson wanted to persuade the survivors to join Dora's sea crew. When it came to a confrontation between the survivors on Orkney Islands and Dora's crew on her ship, Jackson choose the side of Dora. The survivors quickly met their defeat and Jackson escorted them back to the island. Behind their backs, the Crossed invaded the fleet, turning all their inhabitants into the Crossed. On their way back, one of the Crossed shot Jackson in his side, paralyzing him from the waist down. Opting not to be turned, Jackson shot himself through the head.


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