Jackson Winters

    Character » Jackson Winters appears in 25 issues.

    A master thief hired to lead a team to steal a ghost.

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    Once a master thief, Jackson was arrested after a heist on a Las Vegas Casino went badly due to the Casino being built on the site of an ancient burial ground, leading to most of his friends being killed.


    Jackson was created by Ghosted writer Joshua Williamson.


    Jackson is freed from prison during a riot created by Anderson Lake. He was then told that he had been recruited by Markus Schreken to steal a ghost from the Trask Mansion. After choosing his team, they arrive at the mansion to scope things out.

    While walking through the mansion, Jackson encounters the ghost of a woman he recognizes from a picture belonging Markus. The ghost shows him a vision of her death, revealing that she had been murdered by Markus. Panicking, Jackson desperately tries to find the rest of his team, only to have an unknown man come from behind him and place a noose around his neck. Jackson is thrown from the top of the steps, appearing to be killed.


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