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    The first issue of the weekly comic Jackpot was released on 5th May 1979. It took its name from Jack Pott, a gambling obsessed character who had originally appeared in Cor!!, but unlike other titles named after specific characters (Buster, Shiver and Shake, etc) he wasn't the regular cover star, which initially rotated between several characters until finally settling down with The Winners, who joined the comic in #75 and took over the cover slot from #101 to the final issue.

    Jackpot strips included:

    Jack Pott, the aforementioned gambling obsessed kid who would bet on anything.

    Richie Wraggs, a country bumpkin out seeking his fortune.

    Gremlins, tiny furry balls of destructive mayhem who took delight in plaguing the unfortunate Gilbert.

    Angel's Proper Charlies, about three love-besotted lads constantly manipulated by the girl, Angel, they all fancied.

    Milly O'Naire and Penny Less, the story of stuck up rich girl Milly and her poor but good-hearted rival Penny.

    Incredible Sulk, a boy who would throw massive and destructive temper tantrums over the slightest upset. Even his own parents only ever called the boy Sulk.

    The Amazing Three, a trio of teenagers who could transform into superheroes to battle the evil alien Volger.

    Full O'Beans, involving a boy who discovered a brand of baked beans that transformed him into a superhuman powerhouse whenever he ate some.

    Jake's Seven, a gang of kids led by Jake who enjoyed adventures with a SF bent. Their name was a parody of TV series Blake's 7.

    Terry and Gaving's Funtastic Journey (the name parodying the TV show Fantastic Journey), the story of two boys travelling across a strange world in a Wellycopter built by their friend, the "Professor."

    Teeny Sweeney, a group of pre-teen crimefighters (the name taken from TV show The Sweeney).

    It's a Nice Life, following a family who give up the rat-race and try to turn their suburban home into a self-sufficient farm (parodying TV comedy show The Good Life).

    Sporty, a boy obsessed with every sport going.

    Robot Smith, the adventures of a robotic boy.

    Cry Baby, about Tina, a young girl who could be set off crying by virtually anything, and would then produce a literal flood of tears.

    Laser Eraser, in which young Ernie was given an alien device which could erase (and then restore) anything from existence.

    After 141 issues, Jackpot cancelled on 30th January 1982 and merged into Buster.


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