Jackie McGee

    Character » Jackie McGee appears in 49 issues.

    A reporter investigating the return of the Hulk from the dead.

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    Jackie McGee was created by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett in The Immortal Hulk #1. Jackie McGee is based on the character Jack McGee from the The Incredible Hulk live-action series from the 1970s.


    When Jackie was a teen, her home and neighborhood was destroyed during one of the Hulk's rampages. As a result her father died from the stress of putting their lives back together again. Ever since then, she developed a secret obsession with The Hulk and the idea of being like him.

    Jackie is a reporter working for the Arizona Herald and she was investigating a gas station robbery by Thomas Edward Hill which resulted to the deaths of the station's owner, a young girl and an unidentified corpse. The corpse, which could not be identified, later that night came alive in the morgue and disappeared leaving a smashed wall. Later that night a gang member appeared all beaten up and told Detective Gloria Mayes that everything that happened to him was done by a big green monster.

    Jackie was given information from Detective Mayes and they both discussed that the corpse might have been none other than the jade giant, the Hulk. This case started Jackie's hunt for the mystery return of the Hulk.


    Jackie has enhanced senses that allow her to see creatures from the Below Place that are not visible to the naked eye on Earth, as well as the true form of gamma mutates.


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