What is your favourite origin?

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Now i thought this up and couldn't find it on darkness forums but if it is please re-direct me to it. Which is your favourite origin the video game origin or the comic book origin? My favourite is the video game origin because it is much more tragic then the comic book one. I mean betrayed by your family and made to watch your true love die, then going to hell and what happens afterwards. I think it makes Jackie a much more tragic character compared to his comic book origin. Now I still like the comic book origin all well and fine but I don't care for Jackie as much. Well whats your favourite origin?

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What was the difference again? I started with the comic book since issue 1 but only got the game with Darkness II

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um in the comics he watched jenny die too, plus he took out his uncle and his men when he lit his house(warehouse) on fire taking all of them with him . i felt the vg was kinda lame having uncle paulie pull out this huge magnum just to pop jenny in the head

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