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Jackals, or Kig-Yar as shown in Halo 3
Jackals, or Kig-Yar as shown in Halo 3

Jackals are consistently shown in Halo video games, comic books, graphic novels, novels, toys and collectibles alike. They are shown in Halo 4. The newest addition or major addition is the new species, Storm Jackals appear in Halo 4. Storm Jackals look slightly different in the head area, and are slightly stronger, durable, and agile.


The Jackals, or "Kig-Yar", meaning "Hateful Bandit" are a part of the Covenant Armada. They are usually backup reinforcements, mercenaries, or privateers. There are three types of Jackals : Jackals, Skirmishers (who are tougher, and only made an appearance in Halo : Reach), and Storm Jackals(soon to be in Halo 4). In war time and/or combat, they usually serve as snipers, shock troopers, defensive fighters, and scouts within the Covenant due to their excellent senses of sight, smell, and hearing. Nonetheless, like their Grunt companions, they are usually naiive. They are the second-lowest rank/species in the Covenant Armada. They sometimes have a rivalry with Grunts, but it is more-so because they are both naiive, and tend to get into conflicts. However, they are only in skirmishes and are never in large scale wars and/or battles. They have also been shown to be on Earth at some period of time, although that is unknown, whether it was far into the future, or deep into the past.

Powers & Abilities

Agility - Although not as agile as Elites, they are still very keen and fast compared to the other infantry in the Covenant armada.

Shields - Almost all Jackals carry around shields that protect them from damage, due to the lack of energy shields from their armor and lack of durability. The shields are near impervious to gunfire, and can only be broken by melee attacks. However, their weak spots are the legs since they usually don't cover that area. Jackals have to crouch to cover their entire body.

Covenant Technology - Other weapons and technology other than their Shields are their favorite weapon or choice : the Beam rifle, the Covenant version of the sniper.

Enhanced Senses - All Jackals have enhanced senses, and their sight, smell, and hearing are superior to every Covenant species in the Armada, minus Radars.

Marksmanship - The Jackals are mostly known for their sniping abilities, and are very accurate in long-range attacks. This is probably because of their keen senses.


  • Jackal Zealot
  • Jackal Ranger
  • Jackal Snipers
  • Jackal Major
  • Jackal Minor
  • Prisoners

Physical Appearance

Kig-Yar have features similar to birds of prey as well as reptiles. Their legs are sinewy and muscular, and are reverse-jointed in a similar fashion to birds. They have sharp claws on both hands and feet. Being carnivores, their sharp beaks are lined with rows of razor-sharp teeth; some have far more numerous teeth which bear a passing resemblance to baleen. Kig-Yar have been known to eat the flesh of fallen enemies, as well as live prisoners. Kig-Yar have extraordinary senses of sight, hearing, and smell. Male Kig-Yar possess plumages of spiny quills at the back of the head and on the elbows; the color of this plumage indicates the Kig-Yar's mood.

While Kig-Yar have hollow bones and are physically frail, they are capable of moving quickly to evade harm. Their blood is bright purple in color, similar to that of the Sangheili, possibly showing a similar chemical makeup. The lack of calcium in their skeletons makes them a poor host for the Flood. Thus, Kig-Yar that are infected by the Flood are typically turned into carriers, not combat forms.

Halo 4

Jackals are shown slightly different in Halo 4. Their bodies are the same, but their snouts/head are enlarged, and have far greater jaws.


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