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    An evil mutant.

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    Jackalman was a member of the evil muntants with Slithe and Monkian. They sometimes did Mumm-Ra's bidding. He also betrayed the mutants once to lead a group consisting of Molemaster and Driller and impressed himself. He was the most cautious of the mutants which was sometimes called cowardice by Slithe. He eventually betrayed the mutants in Dogs of War to join the dogs. When the dogs were defeated, he was brought back to planet Plun-Darr by the other mutants where he served their bidding as punishment for his betrayal. Even though he had a scrawny build, he does have enhanced stats and was a competent fighter with his weapons and the use of various machines.


    Jackalman is back under the new name of Kaynar. He killed eleven prisoners and was about to be thrown in solitary confinement for his crimes. He was saved by Slithe and offered a spot as a general in Mumm-Ra's army in return for rescuing him in which he accepted.


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