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    The Jackal is an enemy of Spider-Man who played a big role in both of the Clone Sagas. He has since seemingly returned to infest Manhattan with spider-powers for his own sinister ends, organizing test subjects into a spider-powered army.

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    If you are referring to the Halo alien species : Jackals

    If you are referring to the DC comics character : Jackal


    Miles Warren was a professor at Empire State University. He later developed a fondness for Gwen Stacy, who was a student of his. After she was killed by the Green Goblin, Miles blamed Spider-Man instead. Soon after Gwen Stacy's death Miles became the Jackal after putting Jackal DNA into his body. Jackal is also responsible for the creation of Carrion, as well as several Spider-Man clones (Scarlet Spider, Kaine, Jack, Guardian and Spidercide). Miles was born into a family that had a special love for science. His brother was a teacher of Peter Parker's, but Miles wanted to be more than "just" a teacher. After he got his Ph.D in biochemistry he joined the High Evolutionary so he could experiment and learn from him. He tried turning animals into humans, but most of his subjects never lost their animal appearance.


    Miles Warren first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man issue 31 (1965) and first appeared as Jackal in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 129 (1974).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Creator

    One day Miles created two men that looked almost human. The High Evolutionary argued with Miles, part of the argument concerned the two "men" who had started to worship Miles. Soon after, Miles made a jackal into a human which developed a crazy personality and ran away. The High Evolutionary then banished Miles from his presence. After the High Evolutionary banished him, Miles met and later married a girl named Monica. Miles and his wife had two children. During this time, he continued with his research, which resulted in his wife leaving him due to him spending too much time away from his family. Later, Miles discovers that the Jackal he had created while with the High Evolutionary had became envious of him and had killed his wife. Miles blamed the High Evolutionary for his wife's murder and told him that he would start turning animals into humans. Every summer thereafter he would go to work with and learn from the High Evolutionary.

    Meeting Gwen and Peter

    He resided in Manhattan where he became a Professor. One day he met Gwen Stacy and instantly had feelings for her. Confused by his feelings towards Gwen, he considered her like the daughter he never had. Miles had both Gwen and Peter in his class. One day he had a lady collect cell samples from each of his students. He tried using the cells to turn the two "men" he had altered before into full humans. Instead of turning his two "men" in to full human beings, the serum he created ended up turning them into living corpses, so he killed them. After his serum failed, he began to concentrate more on cloning. He invited Peter Parker to see a project he had been working on and Peter decided to take Gwen along. Later, the Green Goblin attacked and ended up killing Gwen; the Green Goblin was thought to be dead afterwards. Miles was so saddened by the incident that he took cells from Peter and Gwen and made clones of them. During the process he killed Anthony Serba, his lab assistant, and became so disturbed over what he had done that he made himself believe someone else did it.

    The Creation of the Jackal

    While he was talking about Jackals during class one day, he thought of the Jackal man he created. Miles, his mind disturbed and now thinking that it was Spider-Man's fault for Gwen's death, made a green suit with retractable claws and other gadgets and called himself the Jackal. He was now intent on taking revenge on Spider-Man and asked the Punisher to kill him. When that attempt failed, Miles would then try a slew of other schemes which also ended up failing. The Jackal took up spying on Parker when one day he saw him tossing a Spiderman suit aside. Miles wanted to make sure of his suspicions that Peter Parker was indeed Spider-Man, and so tricked Peter into changing into his Spider-Man suit while Miles was watching him.

    The Rise and Fall of the Clones and their Master

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    Later, Norman Osborn helped Miles make clones of Peter. The first successful clone they made started to disintegrate and ran away, calling himself Kaine. Miles then created machines that would control the clones he made. One day when Miles was creating a clone meant to destroy the human race, the clone woke up early and became known as Carrion. Miles had thought he had killed Spider-Man after a big explosion, Spider-Man was still alive though and went into hiding. Much later, Miles put himself in a genetic regeneration chamber which shaped his body to look similar to that of the Jackal man he had created. He then created many clones and went crazy. Miles later embarked on a quest to kill all human kind. He wanted to kill all humans and replace them with clones. But, when a Gwen Stacy clone was falling off a building, Miles remembered his love for her and tried to save her, only falling to his own death. It has yet to be revealed whether it was the original Miles or just a clone who died, but for now, Miles' alleged son has become the new Jackal.


    Sometime later, the Jackal seemingly returned, using and experimenting upon insects. It was he who caused the mysterious deaths of honey bees around the world for nothing more than a laugh, and he who was behind recent bed bug out breaks in New York City. His most recent batch of bed bugs were awoken from their nests and released upon the city, for a plan that has yet to be fully revealed. This particular batch of bed bugs appears to be giving citizens of Manhattan spider-like powers, not unlike those of Spider-Man. He is seemingly organizing many of these test subjects into a spider-powered army for his own nefarious purposes. The Jackal also kidnapped Captain American and Kaine, one of Peter's clones, during the ''Spider-Island'' event and turned both of them into one of the firsts monsters of ''his'' horrendous army. Steve and Kaine did not actually ''obey'' Miles, as they were turned into Spider King (Captain) and Tarantula (Kaine), who later come to their normal selfs with the help of Eddie Brock and Peter Parker. It was later revealed that the Jackal was working for The Queen, who wanted to turn everyone into humanoid spiders, where she would alone rule as the hive leader. However, following several attempts to stop Spider-man from taking down the Queen's plans. The Queen executed the Jackal only to later be revealed that the Jackal that was killed was yet another clone and the real Miles Warren had been in hiding using his various clones to do his dirty work. However, it remains to be seen if this true Jackal is the original Warren or yet another clone.

    Cloning Alpha

    Recently, the Jackal captured Spider-Man's new sidekick Alpha, in an attempt to clone him and replicate his powers. He plans were unsuccessful since Alpha's powers were not as a result of his DNA being altered. As result, his clones were powerless. Spider-Man eventually found Alpha, and the Jackal escaped.


    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 175 lbs

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Gray

    Alternate Version

    Ultimate Universe

    Doctor Warren is Harry Osborn's psychologist. He is hired by Norman Osborn to put a suggestion into Harry's subconscious.

    Other Media


    Spider-Man: The Animated Series
    Spider-Man: The Animated Series
    • Miles Warren appears in the two-part Spider-Man: The Animated Series episode "The Return of Hydro-Man," voiced by Jonathan Harris. He is revealed to be a geneticist behind the creation of the Hydro-Man and Mary Jane Watson clones, with his illegal experiments having been funded by Silvermane.
    • Miles Warren appears in the Spectacular Spider-Man, voiced by Brian George. This version of the character is of East Indian descent, and is the brother of Raymond Warren (renamed Aaron here), Peter's high school biology teacher.
    • The Jackal appears as one of the main antagonists of the first season of Marvel's Spider-Man, voiced by John DiMaggio. However, in a departure from the comics, the Jackal is actually Raymond Warren, not Miles, and is also the uncle of Gwen Stacy.

    Video Games

    Web of Shadows
    Web of Shadows
    • The Jackal appears in the PS2 and PSP versions of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, voiced by Greg Baldwin.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Jackal appeared in ToyBiz's 90s Spider-Man action figure line as part of the "Maximum Clonage" box set.
    • Jackal appears in The Marvel Chess Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Jackal appears in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Bowen Designs produced a Jackal bust.
    • Jackal appears in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Sandman Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Jackal appears in Diamond Select's Minimates line.


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