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An Old Blood Mechanic

Born in the 26th century, Jack Tenrec is a member of the Old Blood Mechanics, a fraternity of techno-shamans that kept the machines running during the centuries after the Great Cataclysm that forced humanity underground. Now that humanity has resurfaced and discovered that the planet is ruled by "slithers" (the name used to indicate dinosaurs), Jack fights a battle to keep the balance between nature and technology.

The City in the Sea

 Jack lives in a massive fortress, usually called "The Garage", located on the cliffs in front of the City in the Sea (a settlement built on the ruins of the old Manhattan). Jack earns his money by fixing the vehicles of the city. Despite his rough character and his usually gruff behaviour many residents consider him to a lot more reliable than their own leaders, the City Governors - usually going straight to him asking for help. This has placed Jack in an awkward position: he doesn't want to be a hero, but people look at him that way and some governors consider him to be a danger to their own personal power.


Jack has a good number of allies among the common citizens, most notably Mess O'Bradovich - a former criminal that Jack helped to reform - and Mustapha Cairo, an engineer. His closest ally is Hannah Dundee, his on-off girlfriend and ambassador of the Wassoon tribe to the City in the Sea.


Jack's main antagonists are various low-lifes from the city, especially poachers. Over the years he has started to practice a sort of "poetic justice"; rather than punish them directly he usually strips them of weapons and gear and leaves them in the wilderness, easy prey for dinosaurs.
The relationship between Jack and the governors of the City is more complex. While they aren't usually on good terms due to the Governors' lack of care for the enviroment, only a few of them consider him an actual enemy.

The Grith

Jack is one of the few humans that was able to befriend the Grith, a race of humanoid lizards, far older than humanity, that evolved from dinosaurs. According to Jack they don't have the means to translate their language into a written or spoken form understandable to a human and they don't think like humans, so he uses a bag of Scrabble tiles to communicate with them. The Grith are apparently one with the Earth. They have little to no use for technology and they are apparently caretakers of nature. They chose Jack as their agent to the city.


Jack is quite adept at analysing, rebuilding and retro engineering technology. The Garage is powered by a geothermal system and his main transportation is a modified Cadillac powered by dinosaurs' guano.

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