Jack T. Chance

    Character » Jack T. Chance appears in 66 issues.

    A self-proclaimed good bad man, sent to clean up the planet Hellhole and its sector.

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    Green Lantern

    Status: Active

    Space Sector: 17

    Sector Partner: Larvox

    Homeworld: Garnet

    Predecessor: Pathavim Seth-Ottarak

    Successor: Unknown


    Jack T. Chance hails from Garnet, aka Hellhole, and is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. He received his power ring from Pathavim Seth-Ottarak, who was killed on Jack's homeworld by Trosk.

    Jack T. Chance was best known for the first appearance of the laws as written by Ron Marz. This was one of the first times Ron decided to change the history of the Green Lantern Corps by saying that they no longer had the right to use lethal force. This contradicted many years of comic book history. The Rule was not reversed until the Sinestro Corps War.

    Jack T. Chance received his ring from Pathavim after he was fatally shot by Trosk. He never really wanted the ring but eventually things got out of hand and he ending up fighting Trosk himself. Wounding him, his ring said that he couldn't kill him. Jack still had his own pistol, however, and ended it the old fashion way. Jack is brought before the Guardians of the Universe who then give him and him alone permission to use deadly force. Use of lethal force would not be extended to all Green Lanterns until 2007.

    During Hal Jordan's time as Parallax, Jack was among the group of Lanterns who were sent to stop Hal from reaching the Central Power Battery on Oa. After a successful blow to his stomach with brass knuckles, Jack then made a gun ready to kill Hal. Hal responds, "A gun. You made a gun.", before blasting Jack T. Chance with energy and leaving him for dead in space.

    Afterwards, Guy Gardner traveled throughout space collecting the many fallen Lanterns. It was recently revealed, however, that many of them were still alive on the Manhunters homeworld of Biot. Green Lantern Tomar Tu had crashlanded his ship on Biot. Hal and Guy were sent to retrieve him and discover the Lost Lanterns held captive by the android Manhunters. Guy is captured and Hal frees the Lost Lanterns only to be attacked by them. They soon realize Hal is not fighting back and Kreon dies by a Manhunter. The group of Lanterns fight off the androids before Hal and Arisia blow up the planet. After that is done, Jack with the other Lost Lanterns tell Guy they do not like him because they no longer trust him but they will not attack him. The Lost Lanterns hate Hal even after the surprise attack by Sinestro Corps members.

    Jack was part of the rescue attempt to save Ion on Qward. Parallax, now in complete control of Kyle Rayner, tries to show Lost Lantern Laira her fears but fails. Parallax then shows Jack his father beating him; causing Jack to show fear. This gave Parallaz the opening he needed and the fear entity sent a multitude of yellow energy spikes through Jack's body, killing him.

    Blackest Night

    As a Fallen Lantern Jack was memorialized in the Crypts of Oa, but during the Blackest Night, he was raised by a black power ring along with many other Fallen Lanterns and became a Black Lantern.


    Jack had his own unique take on the GL Oath:

    "You who are wicked, evil, and mean -

    I'm the nastiest creep you've ever seen!

    Come one, come all; put up a fight;

    I'll pound your butts with Green Lantern's light.



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