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The Life of an addict
The Life of an addict

Jack was born into one of the lower class bloodlines of Clan Akkaba during the late eighteen hundreds. He was specifically born to the Starsmore clan. Being in one of the lower houses meant he had a smaller portion of Apocalypse's blood in his system than those of higher rank, this marked him as being in servitude to them for the rest of his life.

As time went on he became and inspector of police though he did not serve justice instead in any crime involving his clan he would be tasked with covering up the clans existence by any means necessary. This duality of his life and servitude to a ruling family which treated him less than a dog led to his opium addiction.

Mysterious death

His work as a detective lead him to a startling revelation revolving around the clan. They were systematically being hunted down and killed by unknown means. When he reported this to Hamilton Slade he was given the menial

Mysterious Clan Deaths
Mysterious Clan Deaths

task of finding the bodies before the police did and use his powers to remove the Clan Akkaba symbol from the corpse so they could remain secret. He did his job but more and more clan members still died. The clan was unable to locate the would be attacker and when he proposed they summon Apocalypse he was belittled.

All this changed the night he over stayed at the opium house. The other detectives on the case found a dead body with the clan symbol still intact. When he arrived he was unable to convince them to not go to Alexandria House to question the family there since it was the only clue they had.

With no choice he accompanied them and they questioned Hamilton Slade who revealed all the secrets of the clan to them right before he slaughtered them. He again suggested his lord summon Apocalypse but again the idea was shot down. Hamilton Slade had decided to hunt down the attacker himself. When he disappeared for three days he informed the council and they decided to go along with his plan and summon Apocalypse .

The Death of Clan Akkaba

Speaking with her lord
Speaking with her lord

Since he was a "lesser" despite him being very much involved with everything surrounding the clans safety he was shunned from attending the resurrection ritual or even the meeting thereafter. In grief he went to the opium house where he drowned away his fears and concerns. While there the vampire hunter Van Helsing requested an audience from him and when he refused Van Helsing insisted. When the man revealed that the clan had been set upon by Vampires and that he knew how to overcome them Jack was convinced that he should take him to meet with Apocalypse .

Together they went to Alexandria House and broke up the meeting taking place there. He boldly spoke directly to Apocalypse and even convinced him that it was best they follow Van Helsing lead , reluctantly Apocalypse agreed and they departed for the morgue.

Defending Apocalypse
Defending Apocalypse

Once there they found that the dead clan members had indeed risen as vampires and he used his powers to assist Apocalypse and Van Helsing in killing them. When they returned to Alexandria House they found Kabar Brashir dead and Frederick Slade abandoned, that's when Hamilton Slade and the vampiric members of Clan Akkaba attacked them. Jack again used his powers to defend his dark lord and Frederick Slade teleported them to safety.

Realizing that the clan was no more and he had been forced to question his very existence and how he had lived his life he promised himself that if he survived this he would quit opium completely. When the Clan members attacked he manged to subdue them with his powers with help from

Apocalypse and company long enough for the sun to rise and kill them all.

Losing to Vampire Hamilton
Losing to Vampire Hamilton

They then returned to Alexandria House and after Van Helsing and Apocalypse had staked the remaining vampires he set the whole place ablaze. Apocalypse gave him careful instructions to not re create the clan as this was the end of them. He reluctantly agreed.

He then accompanied them to Transylvania where he continued to assist in the destruction of Dracula. While there he fought and lost to Hamilton Slade who had decided to turn him into a vampire so he could torture him for the rest of eternity. He was saved by Frederich who decapitated their hated leader.

New Life

Freedom at last
Freedom at last

After the extermination was over, Starsmore turned his life around and gave up his addiction to Opium. He served out the rest of his life as a police officer and eventually had a family of his own.


Releasing Fire
Releasing Fire

As a pyrotechnic member of The Clan Akkaba he could produce flames of varying intensity, from his mouth. He could also absorb flames as well and may have been immune to heat and fire.

Inhaling Fire
Inhaling Fire

His eyes were also noted to glow the same color as fire when his powers were in use.


As a detective he had good deductive skills and was able to pin point clues that others would overlook. He also was good at espionage for his time as he was able to exist within the ranks of the police force and conduct various degrees of intelligence for his clan and many cover ups which no one ever found out about.

He was also a skilled leader despite being in the lower caste of his clan as all the decisions he made on behalf of the clan would have ensured their survival. He was also quite smart able to stay a step ahead of the police in all matters involving the clan. He was also trained in the use of firearms.


He lacked confidence and was an opium addict for most of his life.


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  • Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
  • Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Eyes: Black (eyes glow when power is in use)
  • Hair: Black
  • Citizenship: English
  • Place of Birth: London, England
  • Marital Status: unknown
  • Occupation: Police detective, Servant of Apocalypse and the Inner Council of Clan Akkaba

Known Relatives

Unknown mate (deceased),

Jonothan Starsmore's Grandfather, Jonothan Starsmore's dad and Jonothon Starsmore ( descendants)

Apocalypse (Ancestor), Margaret Slade, Blink , Hamilton Slade, Frederick Slade, Kabar Brashir and Clan Akkaba and it's descendants (cousins)


Despite Apocalypses best intentions Jack would remain loyal to the clan and continue it's traditions with his own family. He would continue branding the clan tattoo on his descendants which varied in size based on how strong their apocalypse blood was.

He is the ancestor of the former mutant X-Men/ Generation X/ Weapon X operative Jonothon Starsmore aka Chamber who now goes by the name Decibel in the last incarnation of the New Warriors


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