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    Character » Jack O'Lantern appears in 38 issues.

    Irish hero and member of the Global Guardians turned Bialyan terrorist under the control of Queen Bee.

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    This article is about the first Jack O'Lantern, Daniel Cormac. For the second Jack, see Marvin Noronsa. For the third, see Liam McHugh.


    The son of a poor farmer, Daniel Cormac was raised in Ireland. He came into contact with the Sidhe, the fairy people, some of whom he befriended. Maeve, the fairy queen, granted him a magical lantern as repayment for his friendship to the Sidhe. Using the lantern, he took up the identity of Jack O'Lantern and became Ireland's superhero, eventually joining the Global Guardians.


    Jack O'Lantern was created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Ramona Fradon. He made his first appearance in Super Friends #8. The character was introduced to the mainstream DC universe by Bridwell and Alex Saviuk, making his first appearance in DC Comics Presents #46.

    Major Story Arcs


    Frustrated by the dissolution of the Global Guardians, Jack O'Lantern angrily agrees to work for Colonel Rumaan Harjavti in Bialya. At some point he secretly sides with Queen Bee, and helps her stage her coup in Bialya. How much of this is under his own power is unclear, as he is later shown to be at least partially under her compulsion. Later, he uses his lantern to implant electrical signals in the minds of all people in Bialya, making them physically addicted to living there. When the Justice League Europe forms, he orchestrates attacks on the heroes by a hypnotically controlled mob, and later by controlling former members of the Global Guardians, as part of Queen Bee's plan to discredit the League and get revenge on Captain Atom. He stages an attack at the Dome, and steps in to fight the Leaguers who are present, making them appear the aggressors. Later, he is attacked in the Bialyan sewers by members of the League, and defeated by their combined efforts. He is left for dead, and later taken into custody by Queen Bee.

    Global Guardians

    Rescued from a Bialyan dungeon by Owl Woman and Doctor Mist, Jack rejoins the Global Guardians. He and the others return to Bialya to rescue those Guardians who remain imprisoned by the new ruler. With the new Global Guardians, he returns to regular action as a freedom fighter.

    Red Winter

    Jack is amongst the Global Guardians when they are invited by Sonar to fight to rid Russia of Justice League influence. He and the other Global Guardians switch sides and fight alongside the League when they realise that Sonar is manipulating them to his own ends.

    Alternate Versions

    The Super Friends

    Jack was first introduced in this adaptation of the television series of the same name. He went on several adventures as a member of the Global Guardians.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jack has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is very intelligent and conniving.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Jack carries a magical lantern, given to him by the queen of the fairies, which grants him a variety of fantastical powers. Its power slowly waxes until its peak at midnight, and slowly wanes thereafter until it is at its weakest at noon. With his lantern, Jack is able to fly, teleport himself or others, generate blasts of energy, create illusions, generate fog, change the size of enemies and bind them inside the lantern and become superhumanly strong and durable.

    Other Media




    Jack O'Lantern appears in the TV-series Powerless, as a villain. He fought against Crimson Fox.


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