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For the original Jack o'Lantern see Hobgoblin. For the third (and female) Jack o'Lantern see Mad Jack.


Steven Mark Levins was born in the historically haunted town of Sleepy Hollow, Illinois.


This version of Jack O'Lantern was created by Mark Gruenwald and Rik Levins and first appeared in Captain America #396, although he is visually based on the Jack O'Lantern who was created by Tom DeFalco and Steve Ditko and first appeared in Machine Man #19.

Major Story Arcs

Skeleton Crew

After learning of the Annulment of the supervillain named Jack O'Lantern, Levins made the journey to New York where he joined forces with the criminal Blackwing and became the new Jack O' Lantern. The evil duo spent their time looking for Silvermane mansion which had since become Skull House. when eventually they did locate the establishment the two evil doers met Captain America. Jack and Blackwing battled the lonesome hero and thanks to Jack's hallucinogenic gas nearly defeated him.

The Skull, who had been watching from his hideout in the mountains, decided to recruit the two villains into his Skeleton Crew. It was during Jack's time as a Skeleton Crew member that he fought many heroes including Spider-Man, Captain America, Alpha Flight and The Falcon just to name a few.

Psycho for Rent

Jack O' Lantern was hired by many organisations and individuals, either as a body guard, a smuggler or an assassin. Levins was even hired by the Federal Government to capture or kill Spider-Man as part of the Super-Human registration movement. Levins cornered the wall-crawler in the sewers of New York only to be killed by the Punisher.

The Undeath of Jack O' Lantern

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After dying, Levins was taken back to his home town of Sleepy Hollow to be buried. After Levins was committed to the earth one of the 666 shards of Lucifer's soul possessed the deceased Villain and revived him to wreak havoc among the citizens of Sleepy Hollow. The Undead-Levins did battle with Ghost Rider on more then one occasion.


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