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Biography (Film)

Jack Marand was a counselor at Camp Crystal Lake together with his girlfriend Marcie and friend Ned Rubinstein. He enjoyed smoking weed and listening to the rain. Marcie was plagued by dreams of raining blood, which Jack ignored. He lay down to rest for a minute, only to have his head jerked back as an arrow was forced out from under the bed and right through his neck. Blood spurted everywhere. Jack had been murdered by Pamela Voorhees.

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Jack was portrayed by actor Kevin Bacon shortly before he became famous for other roles. Jack's death is generally considered the most gruesome in the film by fans of the series.


In Wildstorm's Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash, Freddy tries to kill off Jason by summoning up all "Voorhees victims past and present" as Deadites. Jack is one of the few recognizable ones from the films. Whether this is truly Jack or simply a demon is unknown since he recognizes Jason even though he was killed by Jason's mother Pamela.


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