Jack Holyoak

    Character » Jack Holyoak appears in 4 issues.

    Josh Holyoak was a temporary assistant of Dr. Strange's, but joined Doc Samson and his god daughter, Tina Punnett on their travels.

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    Introduction to the Marvel Universe

    After Doc Samson's god daughter's parents go missing, the two of them go to visit Doctor Strange for help. The door is answered by Holyoak, who is currently studying magic under Doctor Strange's tutelage while Wong is away.

    He invites them in and walks them up the stairs, as he explains the Doctor went into a trance three days ago. He also explains that he's studied magic with Agatha Harkness, Hellstorm, Doctor Druid, Illyana Rasputin, The Scarlet Witch and even Mephisto.

    Once they get to Doctor Strange, he is still deep in his trance. Holyoak explains that they need to "jolt" his physical body to bring back his astral form. An idea hits him, and he searches through his Grimoire (he has been carrying it all this time by the way) and finds a spell to summon the Sword of Surtur. He does so and swipes Doctor Strange with it, only to turn him into a frog. Samson shouts at him for this act of stupidity, and explains that this is how Loki turned Thor into a frog. Doc Samson catches Toad Strange, and using the sword, Holyoak tries to turn him back to his normal but is unable too. Luckily, Doc Samson asks Tina to kiss him, and he reverts. Doctor Strange then forms a shells around him and Holyoak as they talk. Doctor Strange explains that he can't help Doc Samson at the moment, but Doctor Strange gives them Holyoak to help.

    The three head out to the site where Tina's parents disappeared, and Holyoak uses his magic to try and find some clues but some of the spells (from his Grimoire which he hasn't put down once) don't go quite right, but in the end he does manage to summon the spirit of the friend of Tina's parents that they secretly buried there and used magic to cling his soul to that place. But the soul isn't happy and instructs his friend (an old totem with a soul of a man in) to attack the three and their guide. After everything is sorted, Jack uses magic to set the piece of paper that was keeping the soul clung to the mortal realm (by setting his hand ablaze, something apparently he learned from Morgan LeFey). This doesn't work however, so he uses a knife to cut the astral attachments allowing the soul to leave.

    Later, he asks can he stay with Samson, and Samson says he can.

    A Trip to New Orgonon

    Sometime after while Tina was working on the Robot-X Jack starts showing off and accidentally causes the machine to restart and go on a rampage. Tina, Jack and Whistle Pig try in vain to stop it but only a blow delivered from Doc Samson brings the Robot down. 
    Later on as Jack listened in on a transmission Samson was having about an old friend he used his magic to show Tina and the Doctor what his friend was up to that very moment, still unsure Samson has the whole team take a trip to New Orgonon. Upon arrival things become clear that everything is not as it seems, with Whistle Pig being spooked the moment they got there and things take a more dramatic turn when at dinner one of Jack’s under the breath remakes causes Samson to start to throttle him. With Jack and Tina unable to break Samson's grip Tina calls in Whistle Pig whose appearance seems to off set the deranged Doctor. As they flee Jack and Tina find the true source behind Samson and the settlers behavior in the main Barn, unable to free there friend they escape in Samson’s car. Several hours later Jack, Tina and Whistle pig return ready to deal with the situation and as they free everyone from the physic hold that was emanating from a creature within the barn Jack is left in an amusing if compromising position.  

    A Tale of Two Samsons

    Sometime later Jack and the team left to attend the Consumer and Electronics show in . Jack was somewhat disgruntled at the lack of anything Magic related at the show so leaves with Whistle Pig to play the slots as Tina goes on her own. Unbeknown to Jack and the rest of the group another Doc Samson from a parallel world was also at the event with the intention of unleashing a terrible force upon the world though there Doc Samson. As Jack and Whistle Pig are playing the slots the other Samson manages to direct them towards some other bandits trapping them within. With everyone out of the way the other Samson makes his move on his doppelganger but Tina manages to free herself from the device she was trapped in and quickly beings to search for Holyoak and Whistle Pig. Using her vast technological skill Tina is able to free them both from the machine so they can hunt this other Samson down. Using a memory trace spell Jack is able to locate the two Samsons who are now locked in combat on a subconscious plain. As they rush to free the real Samson they are confronted by creatures that have started to come though into there reality and a battle ensues. As Jack and Whistle Pig finish off the creatures Tina releases the real Samson from the machine.  


    Powers and Abilities

    Jack Holyoak has a wide array of magical abilities, although all of these are made from spells from his Grimoire which he always carries with him.


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