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Jack Hack first met his future wife Delilah during an interview. It'd quickly turn to love but the relationship had to be kept secret because Jack was working for the goverment. And their main objective was to find what made a slasher and try to use them for weapons. However, after meeting Delilah, Jack didn't want to. Most likely, also after learning of her pregnancy, he wanted to find and cure slashers. He and Delilah tried to run away, to live a domestic life and raise Cassie. However, the goverment would soon find him and showed no mind to approach his family. When Jack saw two men in black trying to talk to Cassie. He knew he had to leave.

Little did he know that his leaving would deeply affect Delilah and Cassie. Cassie waited for hours patiently holding her stuffed rabbit. While Delilah tried to shrug it off, it broke her heart. Without Jack around, this could have caused Delilah to focus all her attentions on Cassie in hopes of giving her a happier life. But over the years after seeing Cassie get bullied and teased, Delilah saw Cassie hurting the way she had when Jack left. And this could have triggered into becoming the Lunch Lady.

Jack eventually got away from those who were following him, but he couldn't seem to keep out of trouble. As he'd soon into gambling troubles then debt. He eventually ended working in the employment of the Re-Animator. Herbert had a great deal of respect for him as a scientist and was probably the closest thing he had to a friend. He got Jack to assist him in finding a cure for death. And in some way to help, he used Delilah as their first test subject.

Although Jack left, angry and opposing him to use her, Herbet went along with his experiments to resurrect the Lunch Lady. As Jack was walking out he was eventually caught by some men he owed money to. Oddly enough, Cassie and Vlad were in the same area and came to his assistance. While at first, there was obvious hostility between father and daughter, Jack eventually got around to explaining how and why he left his family.

During their conversation, Jack realized he had to return to the lab and hopefully stop Herbert from experminting on Delilah. But by the time he did, it was too late. He could hear her laughing through the empty halls. At first, Jack was overjoyed to see his beloved wife alive, he didn't realize she wasn't fully resurrected or cured of her slasher instincts. Jack, errorousnly mentioned Cassie and this triggered some of Delilah's strength. Despite Herbert's warnings to leave, Jack refused. Herbert quickly knocked-out Jack, worrying he'd ruin the experiment.

However, doing this right in front of Delilah was a mistake. She quickly used her strength and knocked down Herbert, leaving by carrying out her husband with ease. While Jack tried to talk some sense to Delilah, the rejuvenated Lunch Lady had one idea in her mind. Going to a hotel and enjoying make-up sex for all the years missed between them. Though it was later obvious that Jack wasn't going to object. Meanwhile, Cassie and Vlad had to help protect the Re-Animator and kill some of his creations. Jack and Delilah's private reunion would be short lived as her body was soon reverting back to the form she had as the Lunch Lady.

While Jack attempted to calm her and remind her that Herbert could restore her to life. It was a little too late, her Lunch Lady side was already taking over. And soon she had killed the owner of the hotel and was getting ready to turn him and a live maid into stew. Jack tried several times to stop her and tell her she didn't have to kill. Delilah saw it as him rejecting her for the maid and quickly stabbed him when he tried to stop her. By the time Herbert, Cassie, and Vlad reached the hotel kitchen it was too late. Jack was already dying of his wounds. While Cassie and Herbert fought and killed the resurrected Lunch Lady, Jack died in Vlad's arms.

After watching her mother die before her, Herbert offered Cassie the serum that brought Delilah back to use on Jack. Cassie quickly refused, believing she was meant to be alone.


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