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An unidentified man woke up in the hospital one day not remembering his name, who he was, or how he came to be in the hospital. The next few days for this John Doe was much like the "Twilight Zone". He realized that he was extremely agile, had a photographic memory, and had near superhuman strength. An above perfect specimen of humanity in every way. He noticed the tattoo of a Gryphon on the back of his hand and based on what someone on the street called him "Outta the way Jack!" he adopted the moniker Jack Griffin, A vast amount of lore gave Jack the answer for almost any question anyone would ask and some he didn't even realize he knew until the moment was upon him. He knew, well... Almost everything! Everything except of course who he actually was or why he had all these exceptional abilities. Jack was breathing hard on the evidence of who he was when he ran into a strange woman in an alley in Singapore the next he knew he was back in his hotel room and many pieces of what evidence he had collected were missing from his memory and his belongings. With the help of several people he had contacted over the decade since his release from the hospital Jack learned of a legendary artifact called the Symbol of Marduk that is supposed to impart knowledge upon it's possessor. As Jack's search for this artifact grows closer to it's discovery and possibly the discovery of his true origin, he begins to have nightmare's about ancient civilizations and horrible three headed mythical creatures called chimaera, hideous dragons, and giant bull-headed men known as minotaurs.

Powers and Abilities

Jack has kept detailed records of his skills and abilities, whenever a new skill or ability presents itself Jack creates a record of it. Aside from being incredibly intelligent Jack has noted that he also has the following abilities.

Photographic Memory:

Jack remembers everything he sees, hears, or otherwise witnesses nearly verbatim. With a little concentration he can recall details from 800b.c. or 1500a.d. with equal clarity as if he were looking at a photograph of the situation. When questioned about his ability to recall ancient occurrences he just surmises that he must have read it somewhere.

Fast Healing:

Although Jack doesn't regenerate lost limbs or the like he does seem to heal about four times faster than a typical human.

Martial Arts:

Jack seems to be proficient at nearly every sort of martial art from Capoeira to Juijitsu to 30's style fisticuff's pugilism. He performs these skills as though he has had years upon years of training, almost as if they were second nature. This includes but it not limited to swordsmanship and other traditional melee weapons.

Super-Human Strength:

Jack is far stronger than your average human and for his size he is incredibly strong. He can lift weights with ease that would make an Olympic class power-lifter cringe.

Super Agility:

Jack's reaction time and muscle memory are such that he seems to have almost superhuman speed when reacting to anything he has grabbed full glasses upon them dropping only to have them barely spill a drop. Jack's mind is so fast it is almost as if things slow down in time to him at times. he is super agile and coupled with his fast reaction time he almost seems to have a spider-sense like ability often having a preventative reaction to danger.

Super Senses:

Jack has a boosted sense of hearing, smell, touch, taste, and sight. As far as unimpeded line of sight goes Jack can see like an eagle and spot things at a distance of 2 miles or better. His sense of smell is so keen Jack can sometimes even identify the chemical make-up of objects such as foods, poisons, chemical mixtures, medicine etc. He has been known to use this keen smell when tracking people and/or objects. Jack can hear high pitched frequencies like a dog or other animal. he als can hear frequencies that are too low to be audible by humans. His sense of touch is sensitive to the point that he can feel print on paper if it is large enough he might even be able to decipher it where that need would arise seems a little ambiguous.

Vocal Control:

Jack has amazing control over his own body and mind and thus can control his voice in such a way as to offer viable suggestions or possibly even hypnotize people.

Physical Perfection:

Jack is in pique physical condition. He has a body like a statue of a greco roman god. His sky blue eyes and his bronze complexion make him look nearly like a male model. Jack's inherent appearance is only marred slightly by his white hair and eyebrows making him look older than the rest of his appearance would have you believe. Being as attractive as Jack is doesn't open as many doors as being a female that would be a counterpart to Jack, but it does have plenty of advantage's and tends to open many doors.


Jack can speak several different languages and is an incredibly fast learner. If he listens to a language for about 20 minutes he can usually speak it passingly and if he is exposed to it for several hours (1 day) he will be able to speak it like a native of whatever dialect he is mimicking.


Jack is a natural born leader. He is diplomatic decisive and listens to those around him with interest. He is incredibly wise and an excellent tactician, not the kind of guy you want to play chess with.





Insanely Rich:


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