Jack from Jupiter

    Character » Jack from Jupiter appears in 47 issues.

    A character from the Boys with elements of Captain Marvel and the Martian Manhunter.

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    Part of the Seven, the premier superhero team of the boys setting, Jack is alike his peers, essentially a celebrity with superpowers, rather than a conventional superhero. To the shallow and obnoxious Jack, this arrangement couldn't be better as he has only over sought a life of decadent hedonism.

    Despite his status as a long-time memeber of the world's most successful superteam, his lack of the star appeal of some of his colleagues, as well as their violent excesses or major powers, means he is seen as fairly unimportant to his corporate sponsors, and the Boys, a CIA-backed team charged with keeping superpowered individuals in-line. His teammates likewise see him as unimportant, as they are as self-absorbed as he is. Even the newer recruit A-train, who Jack took under his wing to some extent, has little attachment to him, and showed little sympathy when Jack met with misfortune.

    Although Jack is one of the more innocuous members of the Seven, he probably shouldn't be regarded as a decent individual, as he is aware of the violent crimes and fatal accidents they cause but shows no concern about them, even playing them down and treating these incidents like jokes.


    Jack is capable of flight, and by saying the word "Carpo", he is granted an exceptional level of superhuman invulnerability. He doesn't remain in his invulnerable form permanently as initiating it is painful.

    He has no formal training in the use of his powers, or in handling dangerous situations. Along with the rest of his team, these inadequacies led to disaster when they attempted to stop a terrorist hijacking of a plane.


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