Jack Forbes

    Character » Jack Forbes appears in 33 issues.

    Member of Gotham Police Department's internal affairs.

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    Detective Forbes was created by Batman: The Dark Knight writer David Finch.

    Major Story Arcs

    Batman: The Dark Knight- Knight Terrors

    While at a fund raiser for Karachi Flood victims, Forbes approaches Bruce Wayne, and accuses him of having someone in the Gotham P.D. helping him with Batman Inc. Bruce tries to steer the conversation to something else but Forbes is persistent, and it the appearance of Jaina Hudson that forces Forbes to storm off beaten.

    Later, after Batman and the Flash stop a Venom fueled Clayface, aboard a speeding train, Forbes orders his men to find the Batman, but Batman finds Forbes. He drops the unconscious Clayface on Forbes car and threatens Forbes, stay out of his way or else. Forbes blames Bruce Wayne for sending Batman after him, but Batman tells him he is Batman with or with out Bruce Wayne.

    Later Forbes gets orders from the mayor to send Commissioner Gordon to see a shrink, which he takes pleasure in ordering Gordon to do against his will.

    Detective Comics: Faces of Death- Dollmaker

    Forbes is with Harvey Bullock when he finds the body of a crooked cop dead on the roof of the GCPD Headquarters, and he is there when Bullock finds the note left by Batman that tells where James Gordon is being held captive.


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