Jack Daw

    Character » Jack Daw appears in 50 issues.

    The fifth Minuteman to be awakened. Nicknamed "The Monster," Daw is the strongest of the Minutemen and joins up with Lono against Graves.

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    Jack Daw was born into a family that owned a small fish selling business. Jack's father commited suicide, leaving a note that read "Here I am" as if to say that nobody had noticed him. This caused Jack to leave his family and join the Minutemen.

    Sell Fish & Out To Sea

    After the dissolution of the Minutemen, Jack was returned to his home town. There, he became a bouncer, working to pay for his severe drug addiction.

    When the time came to reactivate the Minutemen, Graves approached Jack and gave him a case with a gun, one hundred untraceable bullets and a picture of the man who had ruined his life, a picture of Jack. Initially, Jack sought out people in his life that he thought could help him decide if he should kill himself or not: his former boss, his ex girlfriend, his brother David and his mother. Unable to work things out with either his boss or ex lover, he asked his mother if she thought suicide ran in the family. She replied that suicide was weakness but that weakness might indeed run in their family.

    His decision made, Jack stuck around. He used his piece to kill addicts, taking their money and drugs for himself. As Jack put it, with one hundred untraceable bullets, he really only needed to save one.


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