Jack C. Small

    Character » Jack C. Small appears in 21 issues.

    A lawyer who was a good friend of Linda Strauss.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Justice League Quarterly

    Jack and Petey decided to start a paranormal detective agency call "Hell and Back", and what better place to advertise then an occult fair in New York City. They rent a booth but no one even gives the pair a glance and things look bleak, until Petey spots Guy Gardner, Oberon, Fire and Ice out on a double date. Jack tries to chase them down but they disappear into the crowd.

    Jack and Petey then head to the Justice League International embassy to pitch their idea to Max Lord who explains they have no need for paranormal detectives, because they never deal with the paranormal. Right on cue L-Ron interrupts with news that there is a demon rampaging through downtown New York.

    While in the car to the demon attack Jack tries to convince Max that the JLI needs a guy like him, but once they arrive at the demon it is Petey who saves the day.

    Back at the JLI headquarters Max hires Petey as the team's paranormal expert and hires Jack as the legal consul involving paranormal activities.


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