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    Character » Jack Bauer appears in 23 issues.

    Jack Bauer is a highly trained anti-terrorist agent from the 24 tv show. Being a highly skilled operative, he frequently beats the odds and has made great personal sacrifices in order to serve and protect his country and loved ones.

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    Jack Bauer was born on February 18, 1966 to Philip Bauer, (mother unknown) in Santa Monica California. He grew up, never really close to either his father or his brother Graem, though he appeared to be close to the family's butler Sam. In High School Jack liked motorcycles and was reported to surf for fun. The real source of scorn from his family came when Jack was supposed to run BXJ Technologies, his father's company. Jack decided to go his own way and enter the army. Jack was a member of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, and was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department's SWAT team. Jack went on to do field work for the CIA, as a case officer in Clandestine Services.


    Jack appears in the IDW Publishing comic book adaptations of the hit TV drama 24. He was brought to comics by writers J. C. Vaughn and Mark L. Haynes with art by Renato Guedes.

    Character Evolution

    Though he begins his career as a government agent as a capable, sound bodied man, Jack Bauer ultimately ends up broken by lives and loves lost. The murder of his wife by a former paramour drives Jack into revenge and self-abuse, even going so far as to get addicted to heroine in the course of a job. Jack is framed countless times by enemies for crimes - even once by his own government. Jack is taken prisoner and tortured by China; his girlfriend Audrey gets brain-washed; close friends are killed. By the end of Jack's tenure as a government agent, he accepts his broken life without family and without love.

    Major Story Arcs

    Against all odds, Jack keeps a beautiful terrorist alive despite only having one bullet in his gun. He also stops terrorists from destroying experimentation on the United State's underwater oil reserves. He also attempts to take down mass-murderer Victor Drazen.

    Skills and Traits

    Jack Bauer has no apparent super-powers. He is a highly trained field agent with experience stemming from his time in the Army, on a SWAT team, the CIA, and CTU. Jack Bauer's Special Ops training makes him an expert combatant, capable of taking down professional assassins unarmed. He has an extensive knowledge of pressure points, nerve sensitivities, and stealth attack and techniques. Jack is a great interrogator and is able to use his vast knowledge of the human anatomy and torture techniques to bring even the most determined or strong willed enemy to their knees. He also is capable of wielding many different firearms, from pistols to sniper rifles, with deadly accuracy. He also has extensive experience with technological gadgets to assist him in the field. Jack seems to have a high level of stamina and has thwarted major terrorist schemes within a 24 hour time period while going through intense emotional conflict and huge amounts of stress without breaking down. Jack also has a remarkable resistance for pain and is highly durable, being able the still walk after multiple gunshot wounds and other serious injuries.

    Jack's willpower is nigh unable to be overcome, he will only compromise his mission or put his country on the line if the lives of many people or loved ones are threatened. Once he is focused on an assignment, it seems Jack is able to continue without sleep, food, or going to the bathroom. Jack is willing to break any laws and moral standards in order to save lives. It seems that, in Jack Bauer's eyes, the ends justify the means but he has responded that he is simply required to "finish the mission at all costs" when he is activated.


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