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    Jacen Solo was the middle child of Leia and Han Solo. He trained in the Force under Luke Skywalker's guidance and became a very powerful Jedi. Later, influenced by Lumiya, Jacen turned to the Dark, Side becoming the powerful, Sith, Lord, known as Darth Caedus.

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    Jacen Solo was the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa Solo. Jacen had two siblings, his twin sister Jaina Solo born five minutes before him and younger brother Anakin Solo.


    A young Jacen and Jaina.
    A young Jacen and Jaina.

    In their early years the Solo twins were targets of many kidnapping attempts, so they spent a lot of time in hiding. Because of the political duties of their mother, Winter and C-3PO looked after Jacen and his sister. Like his mother Jacen Solo was Force-sensitive but in the beginning utilization of the Force was only allowed to him under the supervision of his uncle Luke Skywalker. Nevertheless Jacen and Jaina used their abilities on several occasions. For example when they saved their uncle from the spirit of an evil Sith Lord named Exar Kun, who threatened to overpower the Jedi.

    Jedi Training

    When he was fourteen, Jacen started his training as jedi in Skywalker's Praxeum on Yavin 4. During this time Jacen enjoyed outdoors and was very interested in wildlife. The twins made friends with Chewbacca's nephew Lowbacca and a girl named Tenel Ka Djo. Together the group of Jedi trainees played a major role in the defeat of the Shadow Academy, the destruction of the Second Imperium, the collapse of the Diversity Alliance and the annihilation of a hidden spice cache in Crystal Reef.

    Jacen's lightsaber.
    Jacen's lightsaber.

    During his training and his development of his relationship with Tenel Ka (who would later go on to be the mother of his child and Queen Mother of the Hapans) he accidentally managed to cut off Tenel Ka's forearm. A tragic accident which haunted him with guilt throughout his life.

    After his time on the Jedi Academy Jacen became his uncle's apprentice and developed a more spiritual view of the Jedi's role in the universe.

    Yuuzhan Vong War

    When a warlike species from another galaxy tried to overpower the reformed New Republic by using their advanced biotechnology and their strategic skills Jacen fought along the other Jedi to end the war. He flew in the Battle of Dubrillion, saved the beautiful Danni Quee from a ice prison, participated in the defense of Ithor, defeated the Warmaster Tsavong Lah and survived captivity. During the four years of war Jacen lost many friends and relatives like Chewbacca and his younger brother Anakin, the loss of the latter in particular was very traumatic for him as he believed he should have saved him. He was later exploited by Veregere, but in the end he was the one, ending the war by developing his Vongsense, discovering the living planet Zonama Sekot and killing Omini, the leader of the Yuuzhan Vong.


    After the war Jacen set out to travel the universe to learn from other Force-using groups. He studied many Force-traditions and learned a wide range of abilities during this five-year journey.

    Swarm War

    After his return Jacen played a significant role in the Dark Nest Crisis and the following war against the Chiss and the Killiks. Around the same time he caught up with his old friend Tenel Ka Djo, who had ascended to the Hapan throne and the two finally gave in to their feelings for each other. Jacen took his cousin Ben Skywalker under his wing and even allowed him to live with him, but kept his relationship with Tenel Ka and the existence of their newborn, Allana a secret.

    Sith Lord

    Darth Caedus, Jacen as a Sith Lord.
    Darth Caedus, Jacen as a Sith Lord.

    While seeking out more information about an unusual object, Jacen came across Lumiya, the Dark Lady of the Sith and Jacen agreed to become a Sith to bring peace to the universe and prevent a dark future from happening. This promise led him to the Dark Side and he tried to gain more and more power to built a different world. He even killed his aunt Mara Jade Skywalker and almost took Ben Skywalker to the dark side of the force in his steps to become a Dark Lord of the Sith. During this period of training he traveled to Zion where he located a many Sith artifacts, most notably the Sith spaceship which responded to his thoughts. Calling himself Darth Caedus, he manipulated fellow Jedi Tahiri Veila as his new Sith apprentice by allowing her to see glimpses of his brother Anakin who was her love, yet died in the Yuuzhan Vong war. He was popular throughout the majority of the galaxy at first due to the loyalty he inspired, and the protection and peace he stood for. This image was dispelled following harsh acts upon Corellia which severed his familial ties with his parents and sister and causing a dramatic decrease in popularity and leading many planets to question the New Republic and nearly start a second rebellion.

    In the end, Jacen was killed in a lightsaber duel aboard the Star Destroyer Anakin Solo by his twin sister Jaina and his last good deed was sending a warning to his former lover, Tenel Ka Djo, so she could save herself and his daughter from an attack of the nanokillers.

    Powers & Skills

    Jacen had great Force potential and learned a wide range of Force-abilities from his several masters. He studied the Force under Luke Skywalker, Vergere, Tandar'Ro, Koro Ziil, Akanah Norand Goss Pell and Lumiya. His Force powers and techniques included:

    • Telekinesis - even as two-year-old he used telekinesis to get items from high shelves. Later he was able to launch an telekinetic whirlwind.
    • Telepathy - from childhood he was able to communicate with his twin sister through the Force. He could also use telepathy to change or alter the minds of others.
    • Empathy - he always had a special bond with his sister, feeling what she felt and later expanded this concept to lead a strike team of 17 Jedi.
    • Animal Control - by using the Force he was able to direct the behavior many animals and creatures.
    • Healing - he could control his own body functions, neutralize toxins and was able to put others in healing trances.
    • Swordsmanship - only Jaina Solo with the help of Luke Skywalker was able to beat him in a lightsaber duel.
    • Energy Absorption - he could absorb blaster bolts or deflect them if he wanted to.
    • Super Hearing - a Theran Force technique to focus on communications, comprehend the speech of others and listen remotely.
    • Tapas - a Force technique to remain warm in cold environments
    • Force Concealment - he was able to cloak himself in the Force
    • Weather prediction - a Baran Do technique to sense natural energies
    • Illusion Casting - a Fallanassi technique to project illusions
    • Flow walking - an Aing-Tii technique to experience the past and the future, allowing the user to interact with the past without changing the past.
    • Force teleportation - an Aing-Tii technique to teleport objects
    • Force barrier - a Force technique to defend himself.
    • Force visions - he had brief visions of future hazards and could see the outcome of possible actions
    • Force speed - The ability to move at superhuman speed. Jacen was capable of keeping up with Luke Skywalker in a duel, to two appearing as a blur to anyone watching (Ben Skywalker)
    • Force shock - he was the only Jedi who could use the Force to paralyze people by shocking their spinal cord
    • Force choke - a Sith technique, which was often used by Darth Vader
    • Force lightning - a Sith technique to attack an opponent by hurling arcing bolts of electricity at him
    • Blood trail - A Force technique developed by the Nightsisters to mark slaves. When Jaina cut off Caedus' arm during their duel, his blood splashed on her face. Caedus was capable of tracking her location - no matter where she went - through the mark left by the blood. Jaina was incapable of removing it.
    • He could also use the force to augment his physical skills, for example allowing him to jump extraordinarily high, or run very fast.

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