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Jace Pearson was a Texas Ranger who while he was converse with gun, horse and wilderness survival was also an expert in the latest techniques of scientific crime investigation he was assisted on many of his cased by Ranger Clay Morgan.

Efficient but otherwise not noteworthy the thing that makes Jace Pearson stand out it that while never brought up, it seems that he may have been immortal, or at least more long lived that ordinary humans as his cases take place from the 1870s to the last one being recorded in 1961.

No one ever investigated the investigator about this.

Tales of the Texas Rangers

Starting as a radio series in 1948 and soon making the transition to television in 1951 and the comics in 1952 Jace Pearson was meant to stand in as sort of an everyman or everyranger, and so they placed him in almost all the eras the Texas Rangers were active in while keeping him the same, just changing whether he got around by horse or car, the types of weapons he used, and the investigative science he had access to.

On both the radio and TV series and in the comics he was helped by side-kick Ranger Clay Morgan, but only in the ones set in the modern era, so that it did kind of give the impression there might something more to Jace Pearson than meets the eye.


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