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    Jabra is a member of the Cipher Pol 9. He ate the Dog-Dog Fruit: Model Wolf.

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    Jyabura is one of the members of Cipher Pol #9, often abbreviated as CP9. He has the ability to transform into a wolfman or a full wolf at will due to having consumed the Inu Inu no Mi: Model Wolf (Inu being the japanese word for dog). He is shown to be superstitious, assuming that due to the name, Devil Fruits are inhabited by actual devils, or as a more accurate translation, demons. This is proven to be false, shortly after he mentions it. Also, he takes seriously one of Kumadori's Kabuki-esque sketches wherein he says that his "Mother in heaven" prevented him from dying due to seppuku, despite the fact that he obviously (though not to Jyabura) used Tekkai before he stabbed himself.

    He shares an initially intense rivalry with Rob Lucci, which is only enhanced by the fact that Lucci ate a feline type zoan fruit, and Jyabura ate a canine type. However, he is shown to not have a death wish for Lucci, as he is later shown performing,
    in his half-wolf form, in order to, alongside the other members of CP9, raise money for Lucci's medical bills.

    Jyabura is a dark-skinned man with a Fu Mancha moustache , a pointed goatee, and long hair braided in a thick queue that somewhat resembles a scorpion's tail. He also has a scar running vertically down his left eye. When in his half-wolf state, Jyabura has an unusually large tail and snout. Jyabura has the kanji for "wolf" (狼, ookami) tattooed on the front of his shoulder.

    He had small pointed sunglasses on his forehead, small hoop earrings, and a black tie over his bare chest. He wore a black tangzhuang that's white down the middle and always open but somehow always cover his tattoo when he's in human form. He also wore a red sash aroud his waist over black pants and shoes. He basically resembles a typical Chinese Kung fu martial artist commonly found in various pop culture and media.

    When he was a child, Jyabura already had his scar and resembled a typical martial arts student .
    Even though he is a highly trained member of CP9, Sanji managed to hit him with a burning  leg, severely burning Jyabura's chest. He was left, bloodied and beaten, at the bottom of the Tower of Justice. As he was unable to escape, he would have been an unfortunate casuality of the Buster Call to Enies Lobby. However, Blueno used an Air Door to provide CP9 with a safe haven to escape the fires of the Buster Call. He later left Enies Lobby for St. Popular, leading his team along the Sea Train tracks. He carried a weak Kaku and lent his shirt to Kalifa, as her clothing had been ruined in the fight. He was last seen with his team on a Marine ship, sailing free from the World Government for the first time in years.

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