Jabe the Elf

    Character » Jabe the Elf appears in 9 issues.

    Jabe is a finnish city-Menninkäinen (sort of a leprechaun), who is a buddy of Väinämöinen.

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    Jabe is a city boy. He`s a modern young Finnish man, who smokes, drinks, parties, eats junkfood, doesn`t like winter and goes to rock fests.

    He has an interesting moral view. He has done guestionable things, that concerned many people (and other beings). For example:

    • Even though Jabe is the best friend that Väinämöinen has in the 21. century, he has wrote a book about the playboy-adventures of Väinämöinen that never happened, and cashed in on it. Later tough, he helped Väinämöinen to get back the respect that the Finish people have for him.
    • He created a a political party that centered to the wellfare of rich people (that would`ve stepped to the rights of people not as rich). The party didn`t (fortunately) succeed, however.
    • He worked as a writer for a tabloid, and made up almost every one of his articles.
    • He was a economic criminal.


    • He has a beard that grows as much in one night, as humans grow in a few months.

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