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J2 learns more about his father and encounters a new criminal, Parody.

Complete summary (with spoiler)

Part 1: In the danger room, Cyclops fights against the Uncanny X-people. He defeats them easily before J2 tries his chance. The young hero resists to the optic blasts but Cyclops creates a hole with his mighty rays just under J2’feet. Fallen in it, J2 is defeated like the others young X-Men.

But the X-Men’s leader also wants to ask J2 why he chooses to patterned himself after the Juggernaut. Of course, Zane refuses to explain he is the Juggernaut’s son but he listens carefully when Cyclops tells about his father’s life. After his original story as a mercenary, the juggernaut changes his heart (perhaps because of a woman says Cyclops). After his repentance, he began to work with the authority and finally joined the X-Men team led by Wolverine. Finally, in a mission in the crossroads of Infinity, the former bad guy sacrificed himself in order to permit to the rest of the team to quit the dimension. In fact, even Cyclops doubts he is dead and even if a lot of years had passed, he had never give up hope to see him coming back.

Part 2: In his school, Zane meets the beautiful Talia Zamora and his own private enemy, Miller. Talia tries to convince Miller (supposed being a hero and the best friend of J2) to help her in order to capture the new team villain: Parody. Even if his friend, Montana, says to him to let them down, Zane knows he is J2 and has to intervene. He decides to follow his two schoolmates.

In fact, Talia has succeeded to find where Parody is going to commit his new robbery. But when the crime begins, J2 is ready to act. The battle begins but quickly, using a strange device, Parody stoles the power of the juggernaut’s son. With so much power, it’s simple for Parody to flies away. Fortunately, J2 comes back to Zane form shortly after but he continues to think to Parody as his own responsibility and searches after a solution to defeat him.

Few days later, Talia and Montana wait in a bank where Parody is supposed to attack. And, one more time, Talia is right. With his unique style, Parody appears and begins his robbery but J2 appears in front of him. Confident, the bad guy uses his devices, trying again to steal J2 powers. But il doesn’t work and Parody feels himself disoriented. And his surprise is total when a second J2 appears behind him and, with a single flick, stuns him. In fact, the first J2 was Miller, dress up as the hero.

One more time, J2 wins but, at the same, Miller seems to be the hero too. And in the strong body of J2, Zane doubts he really win.

Plus: a double-page comparing the relationship between Wild thing and his mother Elektra and Spider-girl and Marie-Jane Watson.


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