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Zane delves deep into his subconscious to uncover his fears about his father Juggernaut. But the psychotherapy goes a little too far when J2 must confront Juggernaut in the flesh! Will this father-son reunion have a happy ending? Introducing Slippery Sam!

Zane is talking to Doc Magus and his friend Deacon about his nightmares who involved his father, the Juggernaut. Doc Magus decided to investigate and magically enter in this nightmare but suddenly, the sorcerer is attacked and his real body could died if his spiritual soul is destroyed in the nightmare world.

Zane, awake, offers the help of his alter-ego, J2 and Deacon sends him too to the nightmare world. The juggernaut's son clears Doc Magus of an horde of Darklings just before their master appears: Nemesus.

The battle between the two sorcerer begins and J2 is attacked by his own father. Doc Magus resists to his best against Nemesus but J2 refused to hurt his father. He tries to convince his opponent to stop the fight but the Juggernaut hits him harder. He also tells him that he doesn't be proud of him and that his mother is a miserable woman.

Zane could'nt accepted that and counter-attack with all his rage and anger until he shatters his helmet and discovers ... a darkling. His father is a false. Doc Magus wins too against his opponent who flies. The two heroes only have to run before Nemesus come back with a army of Darkling.

However, J2 doesn't understand more his nightmares about his father. But Doc Magus tells him that, even if this trick didn't work, they could try a lot of other ways to find his father.

Back-up story: In a supermarket with his mother, J2 fights against a man who couldn't be tag by anyone. Slippery Sam ttricks and laughts at him until J2 breaks a fountain. The water throws the villain in front of J2's fist who defeat him in a punch. The young hero just has to join back his mother after this good win.

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