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Zane’s super hero career is off to a rollicking start- J2’s been admitted to the Avengers! But there’s trouble on the home front! Zane’s mom is intent on exposing J2’s civilian identity, and high school bully Miller won’t let Zane catch a break. Plus, the Uncanny X-People!

Zane had joined the A-next but he also has to lie to his mother about the J2 existence.

Besides, at school, he has some problems with Miller Hallendale who, as the same time, batters him as Zane and talk about J2 as his friend.

But the bank is robbering by Buffer Zone. J2 does his best but his strenght didn't seem enought to win. And the worst occurs. Miller helps him and defeats Bufferzone. He becomes the hero, admired by his schoolmates. For this day, being a super hero is a crap for our hero.

In a second story, J2 goes to visit the Uncanny X-People. But they instantly attack him. The fight is terrific especially because J2 doesn't want to hurt them. Finally, he succeeds to stun them all and he discovers that Enthralla and his illusion powers is behind the scene. With his helmet invulnerable to psionic attacks, it's now easy to free the X-people of her influence. J2 mades him new friends.


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