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J.P Houston is a trillionaire, and one of the founders of the Green Team. Prior to the universe-wide reboot called the New 52, he got his wealth from Texas oil.


J.P Houston was created by Joe Simon & Jerry Grandenetti

Major Story Arcs

New 52

In the New 52, J.P Houston is one of the founder of the Green Team, an organization dedicated to making the most out of their immense wealth. Hesitant at first, he stays with the team due to the insistence of his sister, L.L, and his secret affair with Commodore Murphy's girlfriend, Cecilia Sunbeam.

Mohammed Qahtani, or Mo, gave him the undercover name "Yowie". The disc that gave the team their powers transformed J.P. into a sasquatch type creature with incredible strength. He initially manifested this ability when Cecilia Sunbeam was "murdered", enraging him. He couldn't control this abilities, until the previously thought dead Cecilia, reappeared and calmed him down.

He appears to only listen to Cecilia.


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