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    Izuru Kira is a Shinigami and lieutenant of the 3rd Division of the Gotei 13 from the Anime and Manga 'Bleach'. His zanpakuto is called Wabisuke. He is best friends with Renji Abarai and Momo Hinamori.

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    Appearance & Personality

    3rd Division Vice-Captain, Izuru Kira
    3rd Division Vice-Captain, Izuru Kira

    Birthday: 27 March

    Hair: Blonde

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 5'7" (170cm)

    Weight: 123 lbs

    Izuru Kira is the vice-captain of the ex-captain Gin Ichimaru of the 3rd division. He is a fairly laid back man who nonetheless takes his duty very seriously. He is slow to befriend someone, but once he does he is fiercely loyal, though he tends to have a hard time dealing with more boisterous personalities.


    Izuru Kira was born to a lesser noble clan, and thus he is a pure blood Shinigami who seemed destined for a seated position. During his training at the academy he befriended Momo Hinamori and Renji Arabai, and he shares a friendly rivalry with Renji. His closest friend however is likely Rangiku Matsumoto, whom he often shares drinks and advice with.

    When Gin defected from soul society, he was torn between loyalties to friends and his captain. In the end he chose his captain, and raised his blade to fend off his childhood friend Hinamori. Though he apologized afterwards, he has been deeply troubled with clashing blades with his childhood friend, and calls himself a monster. This is actually a very bi part of Kira's personality: it is not just now that he is apologizing. He often apologizes to his peers for perceived sleights, whether he has slighted others or not: he is a person who tends to keep his gaze low, perhaps from a low self esteem. This quality of his was exploited by Gin Ichimaru his ex-captain, and it in fact makes him vulnerable to anyone who can exploit this quality of his.

    Powers & Abilities

    As a shinigami, Kira is proficient in the use of Kidou magic, and possesses the shinigami's air-walking ability, along with the capacity to purify the souls of those he slays with his zanpaktou, along with shunpo (short range high speed movement).


    Kira's zanpakutō is named Wabisuke, which roughly translates to "miserable man" or "apology"

    Its shikai release command is intoned as "raise your head, Wabisuke!" When activated, the blade loses its curve and gains a square shaped head which looks like a hook. This has two effects.

    Firstly, the blade itself becomes far stronger and strikes with more force.

    Secondly, its Shikai ability is present in the blade itself, unlike many Shikai which fire energy blasts or otherwise have flashy effects. Everything hit with Wabisuke doubles in weight, and the effect is cumulative. For example, the first strike on an opponents sword (whether hit or blocking) doubles the weight. Then, a second strike doubles it again. The potential of this is limitless, but with a small number of strikes to an opponents blade usually renders them unable to move.

    As a further example, lets take an opponent wielding a 10lb sword. Kira with a single strike (slow and aimed to be blocked) strikes the blade which is raised i defense, the sword doubles to 20lb weight. Kira than strikes twice more with his agility and speed, as he is a great swordsman. The weight doubles to 40ln then 80lb. The opponent is now very slow, holding a sword that weighs 80b, so to be sure Kira strikes again, doubling it to 160lb, then again to 320lb. By this point, most opponents cannot lift their swords and are brought to their knees by the weight of their weapon.

    This is perhaps a poetic effect of Kira's weapon. Its style looks like he is making his opponents bow their heads in apology for a past decision as it brings his opponents to their knees before him. The effect is not limited to weapons, he could do the same by merely striking someone with the flat of the blade twice, doubling the weight of their body, then doubling it again. The secondary reason for Kira's swords style was shown in this manner. By striking an opponent four times and making their body sixteen times as heavy, he forces them to fall and either lie or kneel, hardly able to move. The hook end of his blade then shows its gruesome function: it is a beheading blade able to take off a fallen opponents head by holding the razored hook beneath his opponents necks and lifting. Kira has shown himself remorseless with this, beheading defenseless opponents who were pleading for mercy.


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