iZombie Picked Up for a Second Season

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Looks like all of CW's comic book shows are hits and not just that, but they've all been picked up for new seasons. According to Hitflix, CW has picked up iZombie for a second season. It will be joining The Flash and Arrow in the growing list of comic book shows that were renewed for new seasons.

While the numbers for the show aren't as strong as some of the other comic book shows, iZombie pulled in 1.62 million viewers with the most recent episode and received a 0.6 rating among adults 18-49 with live and same day viewings. This is apparently strong enough for CW to give it another season.

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Cool I like iZombie.

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I still need to check out season 1.

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This is awesome! I'm really loving this show. It's not much like the comic at all, except for Ravi being a Were-Terrier in a videogame, but it's amazing in its own right.

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Nice! I'm about two episodes behind since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is in the same time slot, but its great that this is getting another season.

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Still need to get caught up on Season 1 (haven't watched since episode 2), but this is cool to hear.


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Good for them.

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Cool but i hope they have liberty with episodes since most of them follow the formula.

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Cool beans!

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Awesome!!! This show is so great! Everyone should give it a chance, even though it isnt really like the comic.

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Still no constantine :(

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This show is a lot of fun. I'll be watching the second season.

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It obviously got renewed cus of that hot foot rub scene in the last episode

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Cool. I like the show.

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Awesome! I really like this show and that Live Moore is a real beauty

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SUch a great show so far


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I'm really happy this is coming back. I never watched Veronica Mars but now I want to because I love the dialogue and pop references. The show is fun, has decently fleshed out characters and when it get big it sucks you in.

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This makes it official.

Constantine is going to be the only show that is not going to get a second season because of the network screwed everything.

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They should connect it more with the comics. Still haven't seen it, but know it's very different.

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Season one is already over???

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My wife loves this show.

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Yay. Thanks Mat. Now just get Constantine back!

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@fables87: How are you gonna say they should connect it with comic if you haven't seen it? It's awesome show,quick witted humor and fun.Give it a try at least.

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Much better show than Constantine turned out to be, but I wish they'd do away with the crime of the week formula.

I also wish they'd merge this in Arrow/Flash, would love for her to show up to fight Wells in the finale.

Only change I'd make is drop Major & her new BF, & have her get together with her room-mate

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@iamthecrowning: I don't get CW at home. I'm just not sure I'll like it cause I liked the comic a lot.

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Its a nice little off beat show to enjoy, but I'm a little over the detective angle.

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Great news, I've really like this show so far.

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Is it just me or is liv hotter when she has pale skin and white hair then when She was alive and normal?

Also excited for another season, this shows pretty badass.

Anyone who wants to stream it for free- couchtuner.com

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