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In part 1 of "Vampires Suck," Gwen dines on the grey matter of a person who knew her as a child – and things quickly get complicated… Meanwhile, ghost-girl Ellie learns a few tricks from Amon the mummy, Spot the were-terrier goes to the comic shop and meets someone from Gwen's past, the mad scientist Galatea engages in a bit of grave-robbing, and the monster-hunters tackle the town's vampire problem once and for all.


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Vampires Suck 0

"Vampires suck", that is why Zombies are in.  I, Zombie is one of Vertigo's hottest series.  The Combination of Chris Roberson, plus Mike Allred, plus Gwen and crew make a constant solid read each month.  What was starting to look like Origin issues with I, Terrier and the Gwen mini in The House of Mystery Halloween Annual #2 has now become a feud between the monster hunters (Diogenes and Horatio) and a pack of Vampires.  The only problem I had with this issue was that it felt like a slow s...

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Remembering little by little of Gwen's past 0

Cover The cover is always cool for I Zombie and it always has to do with the issue in some way. This cover was no exception. Story Gwen is starting to get week and it is time to get another brain but, there has not been many brains because someone has been kidnapping dead bodies before they even are put in a casket. Since Gwen has not have a brain she has been losing some of her old memories. Ellie goes to Amon’s house and Amon explains that there is a way that Ellie can travel. Gwen gets a phon...

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