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Spot, the were-terrier, is hands-down the sensational character of the year! A mild-mannered computer technician by day, under a full moon he transforms into a monster with the lusts and appetites of a well-behaved house pet! But who is he really, and what is his connection to Mister Chimps? Here, at long last, the amazing secret origin of Spot is revealed, in a story we just had to call "I, Were-Terrier"!

*Note some of the characters on the cover do not appear in this issue.


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Spot says: "Hit the Comic shop on Wednesdays" 0

Spot says: "Hit the Comic shop on Wednesdays" and he is right.  Every Wednesday is exciting, always something to pick up.  This week #6 of I, Zombie is a good book to check out.  The first at finished and this second arc is beginning.    As much as I am enjoying I, Zombie the formula for the series doesn't seem settled for me.  This issue serves as a great jump in point because of all the relationship to Spot are established nicely in this story.  With the overlapping (or reminders) of the story...

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The Origins of Scott and How He Became Spot 0

  Cover The cover is great because it has the whole cast of the story and even a new character. Story Scott tells his origins. Scott’s parent died when he was young and his grandfather grew him up. They grew apart because his grandfather thought he should grow up. When he moved out one day he was walking on the sidewalk and saw a dog dieing and for some reason he wanted to touch it and that is how he turned into a were terrier.  In his new life he liked to hang out with his friends but, one day...

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Monkey Business! 0

Story: This issue is an entire origin about Scott and how he became a were terrier. His parents died when he was very little so he lived with his grandfather. His grandfather did the voice of a cartoon chimp and he loved that about him. When Scott got older his relationship with his grandpa dwindled. One night as Scott was walking down the street he noticed a dog laying on the ground. Once he touched it Scott turned into a Were-Terrier. Now every time there's a full moon he hides at his apartmen...

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