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In the search for Dead Fred's killer, Gwen Dylan has learned more than she bargained for and discovers that she's been wrong about a great many things. Now she finds herself faced with a choice: risk losing all that she is, or become a real monster. As if that weren't enough, a confrontation with one of the fearless monster hunters leads in unexpected directions. And what about Spot the were-terrier, Ellie the ghost-girl, and Claire the vampire? All this and more in the conclusion of iZOMBIE's debut arc.


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Gwen the Crypt Keeper 0

If you're a vintage comic buff like me as well as a lover of the macabre and/or off beat, this cover should have looked pretty familiar, ahem  Now enough grandstanding on my part, if you're reading this, you're either a fan of this series just curious about other people's views on the series, or, you're a new potential reader wondering if you should jump on board. On both counts let me say this is a unique series in the world of comics, and is guaranteed to be a refreshing change from just ...

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Being dead does not mean that you are still not alive 0

      Cover The cover was kind of cool. The art was pretty artistic on it. Story Ellie is at her home and is talking to a couple hundred ghosts at the grave site. Back at Amon’s house he tells her to kill is to make her really be alive. She said let me think about it and leaves. In the woods the two monster hunters they are making a grave for Claire the vampire and then drive away. Gwen goes to Dixie’s Diner. Spot is talking to his friend that found out last issue that he was a Were-terrior. Th...

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One Arc Down...Hopefully Many More to Go 0

Well, currently I, Zombie is the "hot new thing" in the Vertigo line-up* so as should be expected it's got more publicity then some of the older stuff but now that the premier arc is over, how is it holding up?  The answer is quite well indeed. My first impression of this book was sort of you know, it looks like it could be a little fun but it didn't seem to have much substance. Sure it was different, but there was no...well...there was nothing philosophical about it. Not saying every good comic...

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