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Knock Knock

The fun thing about Izombie is that the creative team of the Allreds (Mike and Laura) and Chris Roberson bring comics back to the fun level it was suppose to be about.  There has to be a perversion (or seduction) of the innocence of what make comics "Funny books" for it to be the mature medium that is the Vertigo Edge.  Izombie is a great example of such seduction, Mike Allred's "pop" art makes any age want to look at the book, but the concepts Roberson explores pushes at our thought and morals.  In Gwen's case it is when is it okay to consume someone's brain and when she does this she also in someways takes their life temporally. This issue plays of the fun game of skeeball, a game all ages enjoy and again a seduction of the innocent.  What I like about Mike Allred is that his art is like honey that it attracts attention where in examples like his work with Peter Milligan on X-Force/X-Statix they created a great counter culture book.  In Izombie Mike Allred are making an accessible monster story with easy to digest literary terms and concepts.  This series is a great introduction to Vertigo series and I am glad it is on its third arc and looks pretty healthy,  

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There is a really neat thing in which this team is trying, with the last four pages there is a back-up story told in "real-time" and it looks like this second thread will slowly blend in with the main tread by the end of the arc which to my understanding is 5 issues long.  This second narrative continues the Vertigo heritage of trying to push the medium forward in how a "Comic" story can be told.
I know I have hardly addressed the plot and partly the reason is that the issue is a nice stand alone of Skeeball and drama, but its strong point is that it really pushes the overall story forward.
If you are not reading Izombie in singles, really consider the trade(s).  The series is fun but smart.
- Silkcuts

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